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Vladislav Kubrikov, Chief Technical Officer, First Credit Bureau (PKB)

First Credit Bureau (PKB) is one of the largest technology companies in Kazakhstan with the most up-to-date database of credit histories and more than 40 services in the field of providing data for credit and non-credit processes, statistics, and predictive analytics for the financial market.

PKB uses the most advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies in its developments and is the best Big Data Company in Kazakhstan (according to the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry).

As part of the interview, we discussed with Vladislav how the credit institution became a full-fledged IT company, the role of the team in IT development, the specifics of working with individuals. faces and PKB plans for the future.

Main interview questions:

  • About the company — what it does, what problems it solves.
  • How do priorities change over time? What is the company aiming at now?
  • In-house developers or third-party software vendors? And why?
  • Key tasks in the field of development and customer service.
  • What difficulties did you have to face from the point of view of technology and how did you cope with them?
  • Plans for the near future.

The purpose of the work of the First Credit Bureau is to increase literacy among the population in terms of obtaining and maintaining loans, assistance in automating microcredit and microfinance organizations, in working with individuals — ensuring the safety of citizens when obtaining a loan.

Владислав Кубриков

Since the foundation of PKB, there has been an understanding that the organization is not only a credit institution, but also a start-up IT company. Keeping a credit history is only a small part of the potential, the Bureau gradually began to engage in various projects related to Fintech, work with biometrics, and launched several SAS products. The company’s credo is the digitalization of its services, the provision of products online.

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