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Global CIO

Global CIO is a professional IT community that unites more than 10,000 IT professionals from 80+ countries. 

Our audience consists of the most qualified and influential people in the field of information technology, who, as part of their professional duties, make decisions regarding their company's IT budgets.

Global CIO, as an online platform, specializes in building marketing communications between IT suppliers and IT managers. We communicate and promote your IT solutions to a target audience of IT leaders.

On the Global CIO portal, we annually publish hundreds of IT cases, articles, and expert interviews, and conduct dozens of industry meetings, workshops, and webinars. The main events and the hallmarks of Global CIO are:

  • Project of the Year is an annual IT project competition held by Global CIO. The mission of the Project of the Year is to find, consolidate, and promote best IT-practices created by global CIOs. The key goal we set for the contest is to give an opportunity for CIOs from all over the world to share their successful practices and get recognition from colleagues. At the same time, we want to give the participants access to the most successful projects implemented in the last year.
  • Top 100 IT Leaders is a ranking of digital transformation experts who, according to the professional community, make a significant contribution to the development of the IT industry. Top 100 IT Leaders is another way to showcase your accomplishments. Ranking leaders are also determined by voting.
  • Compass CIO is an exclusive product that combines access to a unique knowledge base, professional communication, and training materials from the CIO Academy. It accumulates professional experience of the IT community and provides subscribers with opportunities for professional growth.

Distribution of Participants by Industry

23,6%  Banks/Insurance/Investments

18,5%  Suppliers of IT equipment and services

  7,6%  FMCG

  7,3%  Retail/E-commerce

  6,9%  Industry/Manufacturing

  6,0%  Transportation/Logistics

  5,4%  Fuel and Energy 

  5,3%  Medicine/Pharmaceuticals

  4,2%  Education/Science

14,0%  Other

Distribution of Participants by Region

27,2%  Central Asia

16,6%  South America

  8,5%  MENA Сountries

  7,6%  Turkey

  7,1%  India

  4,6%  Southeast Asian Сountries

  4,3%  Europe

23,5%  Other

Global CIO opens up wide opportunities for the members of the professional community:

  • Networking with colleges from all over the world;
  • Access to a unified knowledge base and practical IT cases from various industries and countries;
  • Free webinars to improve personal efficiency and professional competence. Online meetings with IT technology experts and management professionals;
  • The unique opportunity to present your achievements within the professional contests like Project of the Year and Top 100 IT Leaders; 
  • New career opportunities.

Professional communication is a value that is only growing in the modern world, allowing you to stay in the center of the necessary information flow and enhance your professionalism. The goal of Global CIO is to bring together IT leaders around the world to consolidate practical experience, create a unique knowledge base, and foster communication between all professionals in the field of information technology.

Any CIO, CTO, СDTO, CISO and other IT leaders involved in digital transformation can join the community for free. To become a member of Global CIO, please register using the link.

For any questions please contact

Please indicate what tasks you are facing, and we will select effective and proven options to achieve them. We will be happy to send you a schedule of our events with available slots.

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