Automation of warehouse logistics in the CIS countries or the potential of Russian software 1C:WMS

The IT strategy of a large number of companies includes the automation (digitization) of not only accounting processes but also production and logistics processes.

This trend will be particularly pronounced in the CIS countries, as experts predict significant growth in the warehouse logistics market. The main drivers here will be the natural economic growth of the countries, the rapid development of e-commerce, and the geopolitical reality that makes Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and other CIS countries important logistics hubs.

The current warehouse operation system will be in great need of automation, with the key step being the implementation of WMS*.

*WMS (warehouse management system) is a system that allows for the optimization of production processes, resources, and warehouse processes, making its operations organized and transparent.

On the IT market of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and the entire CIS, one of the most popular WMS systems in Russia is entering - "1C:WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management."

It provides:

  • Address storage and traceability

  • Optimization of warehouse space, ABC/XYZ analysis of inventory

  • Compliance with product proximity, temperature requirements, and principles such as FEFO, FIFO, LIFO, eliminating the possibility of product expiration on the warehouse

  • Packaging, labeling, and shipment of goods according to customer requirements

  • Ability to pick one order by multiple employees, wave and cluster picking

  • Inventory management without stopping the warehouse operations

  • Elimination of paper document flow

  • Automatic management of product flow, adherence to all deadlines

  • Step-by-step execution of system tasks on handheld devices, eliminating human errors

  • Database for calculating employee KPIs and much more (billing, yard management, etc.)

The implementation of WMS significantly helps increase the speed of receiving, placement, picking, and shipping of orders, as well as reduce the number of personnel errors.

SITЕС is not only the official developer of the software product "1C:WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management" but also an experienced integrator (+150 implementation projects). The company has been a four-time winner of the "1C Project of the Year" competition in the category of "Best project in the field" - "Warehouse Logistics Management" in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022.

As part of the implementation project of 1C:WMS in the warehouse, the employees of "SITEС Logistics" not only integrate the software product with any accounting system but also develop additional functionality for the unique business processes of the client. They provide training to the staff and help the company smoothly adapt to the new system, without stopping warehouse operations, in a phased manner.

In an interview with RBG, Arthur Mukhamedshin provides more detailed information about the prospects of Russian software in the CIS, the system itself, implementation projects in various industries, and trends in digitalization and automation of enterprises. (Duration: 15 minutes).


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