How to make an ecosystem out of a bank?

Nariman Mukushev-Halyk Bank.

Halyk Bank is the largest financial group in Kazakhstan. It has 15 subsidiaries, more than 18 thousand employees. The company ranks 3rd in terms of assets and customer funds in the CIS, as well as 1st in terms of assets in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Halyk Bank has more than 9 million active clients, this number also includes 80% of the largest companies in Kazakhstan. The company is represented in the regions.

Building an ecosystem in the bank allows for inter-regional payments. It is very simple to do this, you only need a mobile application and a small amount of time, and a person from another region and even a country will receive his money, up to millions.

Ecosystem of Halyk Bank is standard banking products, such as: various payments, transfers, cards that correspond to standard banking mechanisms, but in addition, the company also develops Life Style services, such as cinema, weather, market, travel, etc.


The editors of Global CIO portal organized a conversation with three IT executives from China: Zhang Jianhua, Lu Yang and Zhou Shengzhe, who agreed to answer a few questions and share their experience in digitalization, application of AI and use of big data.

“Project of the Year” is an annual contest which has been held by professional IT-community Global CIO since 2012. During this time it has become a key communication platform for CIOs and top managers who use automation and digitalization in their daily practice. In the last two years the contest has become international.

Global CIO has invited Zoltan Buzady, a professor at Corvinus University of Budapest, to share insights on how to enhance the effectiveness of work and organizational output through leadership qualities. The hour-long lecture flew by unnoticed, because it was filled with bright, inspiring examples, jokes, and useful instructions. Global CIO community thanks Zoltan Buzady for an interesting and useful webinar.

Now with the back-to-school season, it’s high time we started with something educational. Take, for example, the news from the chemistry.

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