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Orion is a project and resource management platform for IT


Alexander Molodtsov, CEO of iFellow: "Orion is a platform that has allowed us and our clients to significantly increase the efficiency of IT team management, and as a result, reduce time to market and increase profits."

Orion is a project and resource management platform for IT.

The platform provides management tools and advanced analytics for project business, efficient allocation of work to teams. Since 2021, the product has entered the market, the first pool of customers has been formed - mainly commercial IT companies and captive IT companies.

Key features of the product:

1. Ready-made IT business management practices - projects and resources, business processes, performance metrics.

2. Visualized analysis tools with recommendations for the business.

3. Plan-fact analysis for directional decision making (sales, project implementation).

4. Flexibility and phased implementation - part of the functionality is available from the first week of deployment, customization for the specifics of the customer's processes is possible.

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The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business operations marks a transformative era, enhancing efficiency and innovation across industries. From revolutionizing HR with automated recruitment to aiding early disease detection in healthcare, AI's impact is profound. It enables predictive cybersecurity, personalized customer interactions, and accelerated software development in IT. 

Lots of news from technology vendors and modern cases on how to use data analytics for operations excellence – this is what March brought us this year.

In this issue we looked at the drivers and bright trends in retail. AI will undoubtedly be the leader among technologies for several years ahead in retail, and in the economy in general. Its emergence in wide access has opened up incredible opportunities for improving business efficiency.

“Before the automation introduction, the process was complicated by the fact that the address system was stationary, not dynamic. We could not automate serial and batch accounting of products. It was not possible to automate the warehouse replenishment processes, both planned and on order. The accounting system did not reflect all goods movements,” says Alexander Permyakov, head of the warehouse complex.

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