Russian developer of infrastructure software of international level: Astra Group of Companies enters the IT market of Kazakhstan


Ekaterina Khritonenkova, Director of Regional Partner Department in Russia and CIS countries of Astra Group.

Building an effective IT infrastructure today is one of the key areas of IT development in CIS companies. Kazakhstan and its thriving IT market is very attractive to key developers from around the world, including Russian ones.

Astra Group is one of the leaders in the Russian IT market in the field of system software development and information security products. Its products, including Astra Linux OS, have been known for quite a long time. They have also become popular in Belarus. The vendor develops operating systems, virtualization platforms, backup, VDI, DBMS, corporate mail, and mobile workplace. It has an extensive ecosystem of both its own products and compatible partner solutions.

"Astra comprehensively covers customers' needs in designing and creating information systems. Reliability is an important advantage of its products. Astra Linux OS was initially created with the aim of providing maximum protection of the IT infrastructure. The company follows the same principle in its other products. Another advantage that is closely related to the first one is regular updates. Today, new types of attacks and viruses appear every day. Astra specialists monitor these processes and try to release solutions that can counter them as quickly as possible.

The Astra Linux operating system is one of the most protected and trusted operating systems in the world. It implements protection mechanisms such as mandated integrity control, closed program environment, etc., the highest efficiency of which is recognized by western colleagues. High level of security of the system is based on its own original solutions and applied technologies for secure software development, for which the Department of Scientific Research of SC "Astra" is responsible. Its work is supervised by corresponding member of the Academy of Cryptography of Russia, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Peter Devyanin, one of the leading domestic experts in the field of cybersecurity and development of mathematical models of access control. His models are used to implement security modules in the company's products. Astra Group of Companies has one of the strongest research divisions among Russian developers of information security products.

The company is well aware that just the operating system or other software in pure form is not enough for the customer. It is important to have a whole stack, an ecosystem of compatible solutions. That's why back in 2017 we launched the certification program Ready for Astra Linux for hardware and software manufacturers. And now, Astra Linux has quite a wide ecosystem of compatible software and hardware - more than several thousand partner solutions. The company actively continues to work in this direction, as it considers it important for the customer to be able to get the configuration of solutions, which he needs.

The product and service approach is the basis of the strategy of Astra Group. All components of the IT landscape, from the level of management of the hardware infrastructure, operating system, DBMS, virtualization, and down to the level of business applications, work in conjunction with each other, with unified management, security, automation and monitoring. The service side of the company provides not only 24/7 support by the vendor for all of its products, but also consulting, as well as direct participation in piloting, implementation and migration projects at the customer site. In addition, the company develops "infrastructure as code": automation tools to improve the quality and speed of work and easy deployment "by click". Today, Astra Group actually provides the Russian company with a high level of product and service expertise that customers are used to receiving from Western vendors. Its products for companies from Kazakhstan at the moment can become a high-quality and safer alternative to other foreign solutions.

Astra Group products are already available in Kazakhstan. For this purpose, interested organizations should contact the following distributors and authorized partners: Marvel Kazakhstan, Axoft and MONT group of companies. They not only implement the products, but also conduct a full audit of infrastructures and offer suitable solutions. And in the very near future, a direct representative of the Astra Group of Companies will start working in the country.

Ekaterina Khritonenkova, Director of Regional Partner Department in Russia and CIS countries of Astra Group:

- Today our solutions will be of interest to any company that wants to switch to affordable and reliable software with constant updates and quality technical support.

Initially we had one flagship product - the secure operating system Astra Linux. But we always realized that the OS was not enough for the stable and secure work of the organization. That is why we were constantly working on the expansion of our portfolio of solutions. Some of them were developed directly by our specialists; in some cases, we acquired a development company and integrated the finished software into our ecosystem.

In total, the Astra Group's portfolio currently includes 15 products that cover most issues related to building a complete IT infrastructure for an organization in any country.

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