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BI system of Volma company

Project manager on the customer side
Alexander Lyubimov
IT Provider
Project timeline
February, 2020 - February, 2021
Project scope
350 workstations
  • Implementation of a management decision-making system based on data from the company's information systems.

  • Increasing the speed of access to data and reducing the cost of reporting.

  • Achieving data relevance of all company executives.

The uniqueness of the project

As a result of the project, more than 6 dozen interactive reporting forms have been implemented.

Reporting forms are linked to the KPI of functional units and allow online evaluation of the performance of units and the company as a whole based on OLTP and OLAP data in the company.

Reporting forms are developed by the financial specialists of the company in the Power BI environment based on data from SAP ERP.

Used software

To implement the project, the Microsoft Power BI platform was used, which allows you to create interactive dashboards.

The data source is the SAP ERP EHP7 accounting system and the intermediate storage of SAP BI/BO cubes.

System data and data reside on Hewlett Packard storage systems.

Difficulty of implementation

The most difficult stage of the project was the design and filling of management reporting cubes with relevant data.

For this purpose, the company hired a data analyst, whose area of ​​responsibility was to control the relevance of the data developed by the reports. Those. a data quality control system was established.

In addition, the PowerBi system was developed for access by 200 field employees of the sales department, which required special measures to control and manage mobile devices in order to protect company data.

Project Description

The project was divided into several parts.

1. Software selection from multiple systems:

1.1. The Tableau system from Tableau Software provides a deep and versatile analysis of large amounts of information. Developers position it as BI with a convenient and friendly interface that is easy to learn.

1.2. Originally designed to extend the capabilities of Excel, Power BI from IT giant Microsoft is fully compatible with all Microsoft products and allows you to use third-party applications and data sources.

The choice of Power BI was made because financiers and economists know the DAX language from Microcoft and training will not take much time.

2. Training with the departure of trainers took no more than 2 weeks.

3. To increase the motivation of employees, a competition was formed, as a result of which the three best works were selected.

4. Further, the development of dashboards was carried out as planned. The development of cubes and data transfers was carried out by the company's information technology department engineers.

As a result, we have more than 60 management boards: Forecast of OPIS, Plan for the actual sale of products, Plan-fact of production in the context of plants and lines, logistics service level, IT service level, and much more.

Project geography
The Power Bo analytics corporate system implements reporting for the management of seven factories and 12 sales centers in the Russian Federation and abroad.
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