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Artificial Intelligence Cyber Shield

GDex Berhad
Project manager on the customer side
Melvin Foong Mun Hoe
Chief Information Officer
IT Provider
Anon Security Sdn Bhd
Year of project completion
Project timeline
September, 2022 - November, 2022
Project scope
320 man-hours
Increase Cyber Resiliencely of our company, GDex Bhd. to ensure systems and data are secured by using a mix of latest cyber security solutions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, based on Risk Assessment that has been conducted.

Project Results
Blackberry Cylance AI has been able to detect nearly a hundred previously undetectable malware, right after deployment. The AI works so well and didn't even consume much of our end point CPU or memory. End users has feedback that their machines actually smoother than before. In about a year, we have prevented hundreds of malware introduced into our environment via connected Mobile devices, emails, external drives and malicious links on websites.
Dtex Systems has also helped prevented several data leakage attempts and has helped to identify negligence end users for further cyber security awareness training. We have also good feedback from employees who are allowed to now work from home, since our company can confidently protect the data on their end points wherever they work from.
Cyble has also detected hundreds of compromised credentials belonging to our customers that was used to login to our systems. We have been proactively able to communicate with our customers to change their passwords before the credentials are used unscrupulously. Cyble team has weekly meeting with our cyber security team to go through their AI findings to ensure our company is always protected.
Overall, we have gain not only a better ability to withstand cyber attacks, we have also gained more trust from our customers and business partners. The benefit out of this project is tremendous.

The uniqueness of the project

A combination of multiple cyber security solutions that are powered by Artificial Intelligence, provided our company to withstand zero days malware and many other threat attempts, mostly automatic and without the need for additional headcount for Cyber security team.
Used software

Blackberry Cylance Protect
BlackBerry Cylance Optics
Dtex Systems

Difficulty of implementation
Overall this project requires deployment throughout our few hundred branches in Malaysia and thousands of end points are involved. Internally we prepare about 10 deployment staffs and executed the project successfully within our set timeframe.
Project Description
This project is fully supported by Exco members and Board of Directors based on the benefits this project can bring, not just increasing our cyber resiliency, but also to continue gaining our customer's trust and confidence when dealing with our company.
We replace traditional Antivirus solutions that has failed to protect our company multiple times with BlackBerry Cylance Protect. We have also additionally increase our end point security by implementing End Point Detection and Respond (EDR) solution, BlackBerry Cylance Protect.
The roll out time to 2000 end points are done within 7 days. The next 14 days are mostly spend on fine tuning and ever since then until today, these two solutions have been working most of the time, automatically.
After successfully rolled out the two solutions above, we then implement agent based Insider Threat solution, Dtex Systems, which has machine learning abilities to detect and prevent insider threat. It is able to prevent data leakage efficiently and has also enabled our management to have the flexibility to allow work from home plan, as we are now able to secure our data and our employees end points, wherever they are.
Finally in our last part of implementing this AI Cyber Shield, we have engage Cyble, an AI powered company that continously monitor dark web, deep Web, Internet and social media for any our our leaked username, passwords and files. With Cyble, we have also the ability to protect our brands based on our registered IP such as our brand names and logos as well.

Project geography
The AI Cyber Shield are across all end points in hundreds of branches in Malaysia including East Malaysia.

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