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Electronic Proof of Delivery - EPOD

Haldia Petrochemicals Limited
Project manager on the customer side
Sumit Duttagupta
Group CIO
IT Provider
TCG Digital Pvt Ltd
Year of project completion
Project timeline
February, 2023 - August, 2023
Project scope
50000 subscribers
Develop application for integrated E Tracking, Electronic Proof of Delivery (e POD), electronic Freight Management (e Freight) solution for Domestic Polymer Logistics operations.

Key Application Process to include the below:
  • Vehicle Tracking: Applications for Transporters and HPL Business Users
  • e POD: Application for HPL Business Users and Customers
  • Complaint Management
E Tracking to be enabled for the trucks either via SIM or GPS based devices.

Project Results
EPOD considerably reduced the logistics cost by improving the visibility of material movement in a near real time. Ensured that trucks were on time and a quick turnaround of trucks was ensured.This led to improved operations.
Automated vehicle tracking & Detailed vehicle route history. Tracking of in-transit speed & delivery time estimation.
Automated alert for vehicle non-movement & change of route. Advance delivery alert to consignee based on geo-fencing. Auto generation of e-PoD & Digital acceptance by consignee.
Streamlined & efficient delivery process enhanced customer satisfaction.

The uniqueness of the project

First time getting implemented in polymer industry in India with Ethereum Blockchain

Vehicle Tracking
  • User Interface for transporter for viewing the list of requests assigned for them with tracking/requisition number, assign the vehicle, track the transports
  • User Interface for HPL for creating the tracking number, view the vehicle details assigned to the transporter, view updates on the driver details to the vehicle during gate in, gate out updates on the tracking number 
  • E tracking with SIM/GPS based tracking to the trucks. Integration of the updates to the transporter and HPL Applications users.
  • Application for HPL to view status of the shipments, ageing of delivery, view ePOD geofencing, approve vehicle change over
  • Application for Customers to track the shipment for dispatch, transit and receiving and accepting. Once customer confirms delivery, transporter will be updated to prepare the Freight Bill.
  • Auto generation of ePOD based on the LR Status.
  • Manage delivered ok and delivered with issues options.

Complaint Management

Used software
Google PWA
Ethereum Blockchain
MCUBE Analytics Platform

Difficulty of implementation
Change Management to handle logistics team and transporter fleet.
Training and enable Customer personal to change over to Digital format.
Project Description
As part of digital transformation, a new Electronic Proof of Delivery (e-POD) system to be provided that will facilitate the HPL Business users to track near real time transportation of finished goods polymer from the HPL plant premises till the consignment reaches the Consignee location. The proof of delivery will be stored in the system. Provision will be made in the system to raise complaints in case if the delivered consignment does not meet the expectation of the Consignee.
  • End to end tracking of logistics from dispatch of consignment from factory gate to delivery till consignee
  • Considering large volumes of dispatch it is required for proper tracking in a digitalized format
  • Accurate & timely tracking of consignment to help business to make the best commercial decisions
  • Proper complain management to ensure better service, fast tracking of delivery related issue and better resolution to the customer/ consignee

Project geography
All over India operations
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