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CAR GAS Digital Transformation from paper system to SAP S/4Hana Implementation Project

Project manager on the customer side
Abdelmoneim Ibrahim
IT Provider
Year of project completion
Project timeline
October, 2022 - September, 2023
Project scope
40000 man-hours

• Streamlining business processes and increasing efficiency through the use of SAP software.

• Improving data management and analysis capabilities to support better decision-making.

• Enhancing collaboration and communication across different departments or business units.

• Increase efficiency and productivity

• Reduce costs and improve profitability

Project Results
Implemented of SAP S4Hana Best Practice Scenarios according to the defined scope
Alignment of CAR GAS business process with implemented SAP Functions

• Provide a single source of shared quality information that supports the CARGAS decision-making process
• Serve as a single integration and development platform for nearly all of CARGAS business processes
• Provide CAR GAS with timely information, accountability, and control and facilitates the provision of better, more efficient, and streamlined business process across CARGAS
• Minimized the amount of manual documentation and reduce the business process duration

The uniqueness of the project

• Planning and scoping the project to define objectives, timelines, and resources.

• Configuring and customizing SAP modules to align with specific business requirements.

• Migrating data from legacy systems to ensure a smooth transition to the new SAP system.

• Conducting thorough testing to verify the functionality, integration, and performance of the SAP system.

• Providing comprehensive training and support to users for successful adoption and utilization of SAP functionalities.

• Collaboration between IT and business teams to ensure alignment of SAP implementation with business goals.

• Customization of SAP modules to meet unique business requirements, enabling organizations to optimize processes.

• Integration of SAP with other systems to create a unified platform for data management and analysis.

• Implementation of best practices and industry standards to ensure compliance, security, and scalability of the SAP system.

Used software

Software: SAP S4Hana

Equipment, and Auxiliary : SAP S/4HANA Application Servers & DBs Servers with all related components.

Difficulty of implementation

The complexity of SAP implementation is influenced by the size of implementation across various implemented modules such as FICO, SD, MM, CS, and HCM. Furthermore, change management entails substantial modifications to business processes and workflows. 

Project Description

The SAP implementation project aims to transition CAR GAS company from legacy paper system to SAP S/4HANA, a next-generation ERP solution. This project involves the configuration and customization of SAP modules to align with our specific business requirements. Data migration from our legacy systems ensures a seamless transition to SAP S/4HANA. Thorough testing and training are provided to ensure the successful adoption and utilization of SAP functionalities. The project also focuses on change management to ensure a smooth transition and maximize the benefits of the new system in all involved departments such as Financial, Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, and Customer service, etc.

To mitite complexity, it is essential to develop a clear and achievable implementation plan, foster effective communication with employees, utilize SAP tools, and leverage SAP best practices, allocate appropriate resources, and provide comprehensive training to all relevant departments as listed below:

- FICO (Financial and Control Accounting) is one of the most important modules in SAP and is involved in all financial and costing transactions.

- SD (Sales and Distribution) is responsible for the sales process, from order to cash, consignment and returns.

- MM (Materials Management) is responsible for the procurement and management of materials. It is a complex module to implement, especially for businesses with complex supply chains.

- CS (Customer Service) is responsible for customer service activities, such as service order processing, service requests, and notifications.

- HCM (Human Capital Management) is responsible for human resources activities, such as payroll, personal administration, etc.

- TRM (Treasury and Risk Management) in SAP ERP enables organizations to manage financial risks and optimize treasury operations, including cash and liquidity management, debt and investment management, and risk management.

- CM (Cash Management) helps businesses manage their cash flow, gain real-time visibility into their cash positions, and optimize their cash-related processes.

Project geography
Local implementation : Headquarters plus 36 branch.
Additional presentations:
CARGAS_Prepare_Scope Statement V1.0.pdf
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