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Project timeline
March, 2022 - December, 2023
Project scope
4160 man-hours

MyDataCoin's future vision is to become the leading ecosystem that empowers individuals with control over their data, while also ensuring a trusted and transparent distribution of digital dividends. We strive to achieve this by offering a comprehensive Solution as a Service (SaaS) that represents citizens' interests, promotes fair distribution of digital dividends, and acts on behalf of the population. By meeting the expectations and requirements of all stakeholders, we aim to generate a high demand for our services and create a trusted ecosystem of partners. In addition, after releasing the MVP 2.0 of the project, we are planning to concentrate in the launching in Europe and USA. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the way data is managed and utilized, enabling a more equitable and prosperous digital economy for everyone.

Project Results
These are impressive developments for MyDataCoin since September 2022:

1. Securing your first successful case with a customer and supplier is a key milestone, indicating that your platform is gaining traction and proving its value. This includes first MVP of our marketplace and mobile application!

2. 50+ Downloads. Reaching over 50 downloads demonstrates growing interest and adoption of your platform among users.

3. 25+ Data Categories. Offering more than 25 data categories shows that your platform covers a wide range of data types, which can attract a diverse user base.

4. Incubators and Partners. Partnering with organizations like,, and renowned incubators and partners such as Eurasian Digital Foundation, Microsoft for Startups, Draper University, Astana Hub, INQB8, and IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator signifies your strong network and support within the industry, which can help drive your platform's growth and success.

Right now, we reached the other milestone to share with you our MVP 2.0! We are so exited for that.

The uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness of the MyDataCoin project lies in its groundbreaking approach to data privacy and revenue sharing. With the tagline "Privacy made simple with MyDataCoin," the project sets itself apart in the following ways:

Empowerment and Control. MyDataCoin stands out by empowering users to take control of their own data privacy. Unlike traditional systems where individuals have limited control over their personal information, this platform gives users the authority to decide how their data is used and shared.

Financial Benefits. MyDataCoin introduces a novel concept of revenue sharing. Instead of businesses exclusively profiting from people's data, users have the opportunity to financially benefit from the information they provide. This innovative revenue-sharing model redefines the relationship between individuals and their data.

Blockchain-Based Security. The project leverages blockchain technology to ensure the highest levels of security and transparency in data handling. This approach enhances data protection and builds trust among users, which is a distinctive feature not commonly found in traditional data systems.

User-Centric Approach. MyDataCoin places the user at the center of its model. By prioritizing the privacy and financial interests of individuals, it distinguishes itself from systems that primarily serve business interests.

Alignment with Privacy Trends. In an era of increasing privacy concerns and stringent data protection regulations, MyDataCoin's commitment to simplifying privacy aligns with emerging privacy trends and demonstrates a forward-thinking approach.

In summary, MyDataCoin's uniqueness stems from its user-centric, blockchain-based, revenue-sharing approach to data privacy, which offers a fresh perspective on how data is handled and benefits both individuals and businesses.

Used software

MyDataCoin is a blockchain-based platform that utilizes Cosmos SDK Tendermint technology to enable secure and transparent exchange of personal data between individuals and companies. Database management systems, such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB used for storing user data and transaction records.

A rich set of modules that address common concerns such as governance, tokens, other standards, and interactions with other blockchains from Cosmos SDK.

The IBC application layer is used to token transfers, interchain accounts, non-fungible token transfers and oracle data feeds.

Encryption and Security Tools. Various encryption and security tools are essential to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This includes encryption algorithms, secure key management, and access control systems.

Web Development Tools. Frameworks and languages like Node.js, Python used for developing the user interfaces and backend systems of the platform. Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud used for hosting and scaling the platform.

MyDataCoin offers a mobile application, software development kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android, such as Xcode and Android Studio.

Data Privacy Compliance Tools. Compliance management tools help ensure that MyDataCoin adheres to data privacy regulations like GDPR. Tools may include consent management platforms and auditing systems.

Networking and Server Infrastructure. Hardware components like servers, routers, and firewalls are used to manage the platform's network and server infrastructure.

Difficulty of implementation

The level of difficulty faced during a project's implementation can vary based on a multitude of factors, including the project's scope, complexity, available resources, and the team's expertise. In the case of our MyDataCoin, several factors might contribute to the level of difficulty:

Technical Complexity. Implementing MyDataCoin involves building a blockchain-based platform with complex smart contracts and data handling processes, it was technically challenging. Developing secure, scalable, and efficient blockchain solutions can be demanding.

Data Privacy and Security. Given the focus on Personally Identifiable Information (PII), ensuring data privacy and security is paramount. Meeting strict regulatory requirements and implementing robust encryption and access control measures was difficult.

Compliance. Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA, is crucial. Meeting these regulatory requirements added complexity to the project.

Competition. The landscape of data management and privacy solutions is competitive. Standing out and gaining a market share can be difficult, requiring unique features and a strong value proposition.

Regulatory Changes. The regulatory environment regarding data privacy and blockchain is continuously evolving. Adapting to new regulations and ensuring the platform remains compliant can be challenging.

The level of difficulty can also change over time as the project evolves and as you encounter new challenges and opportunities. Effective project management, a skilled team, and adaptability are essential for navigating these difficulties and achieving success. We are bravely ready for all difficulties and understand there is no way to back!

Project Description

Invest in MyDataCoin - the ultimate solution for personal data protection and monetization!

MyDataCoin aims to address these problems by providing a more transparent, ethical, and equitable model for personal data exchange:

  1. Lack of control over personal data

Many individuals currently have little control over how their personal data is being used, and may not be aware of the full extent of data collection and sharing by companies.

  1. Privacy concerns

The current personal data market often lacks transparency and may not adequately protect individuals' right to privacy.

  1. Inequitable distribution of digital dividends

Currently, companies often generate significant value from personal data, while individuals receive little or no benefit from the use of their data.

  1. Lack of trust

The personal data market can be opaque and difficult to navigate, leading to a lack of trust among both individuals and businesses.

  1. Regulatory compliance

Companies operating in the personal data market may struggle to comply with evolving regulatory requirements, leading to potential legal and reputational risks.

The MyDataCoin ecosystem includes several components, including:

  1. A non-custodial wallet for storing MyDataCoin tokens and managing digital consent for controlling personal data.
  2. A personal data marketplace where individuals can choose to share their data with trusted companies in exchange for MyDataCoin tokens.
  3. Decentralized and secure ledger that enables the transparent and efficient exchange of personal data while protecting the privacy and rights of individuals.
  4. An identity verification system based on Self- Sovereign Identity (SSI) principles.
  5. A compliance monitoring system that ensures that data buyers comply with data protection regulations.


Governments and Businesses should support MyDataCoin and be interested to be part of the product. In terms of governments, MyDataCoin can help with data regulation and protection. By offering a secure and transparent platform for individuals to control and monetize their personal information, MyDataCoin can help governments address growing concerns around data privacy and security. For businesses, MyDataCoin can enable enhanced customer engagement by allowing individuals to share their personal information with businesses on their own terms. Our platform will help with compliance with data protection regulations and also build trust and loyalty among customers. The business model of MyDataCoin revolves around creating a data marketplace where individuals can monetize their personal data. The platform charges a 5% commission fee on each transaction that occurs within the marketplace. This revenue model generates income for the platform, with projected revenues reaching $9 million by 2024. A minimum of 30% of these earnings is returned to users as dividends, aligning with the platform's commitment to empowering individuals and allowing them to benefit financially from their data. Additionally, the platform charges users a 5% fee for using its services, contributing to its overall revenue stream.

Project geography

The geographical scope or reach of the MyDataCoin project can vary depending on its objectives and target audience. However, typically, a project like MyDataCoin, which involves data management and privacy, have a global or wide-reaching geographical scope. Here's how the geographical scope might be described:

MyDataCoin is designed to be a blockchain-based platform that allows individuals to manage their data and benefit financially from it. Data privacy and personal information are global concerns, and the platform aims to empower users worldwide. Therefore, the geographical scope of MyDataCoin is global, with the potential to serve users and businesses across different countries and regions.

While the platform itself may have a global reach, specific marketing, user adoption, and regulatory compliance efforts may be tailored to individual countries or regions to address local needs and preferences. Additionally, partnerships and agreements with customers, suppliers, and organizations can extend the platform's reach into various geographic areas.

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