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KIA - Terminal 2

Project manager on the customer side
Kesavan K
Business Analyst
Year of project completion
Project timeline
January, 2018 - December, 2022
Project scope
13000 man-hours
The completion of Terminal 2 with advanced systems. the T2 mainly designed to provide the highest level of passenger comfort and dramatic visual impression, upon completion, the new terminal will substantially increase the overall capacity of the Airport and to retain the philosophy of simplicity and minimal walking distances for the passengers – a key characteristic of the BLR Airport.
Project Results
T2 project has been completed as designed with cutting edge technologies with most advanced system to provide the incredible passenger experience and sustainable. The KIA T2 terminal has been inaugurated by Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji on November 2022. The domestic operation started by Jan'23 subsequently international operation has been started from Sep'23.
Key Project results:
• 255,661 sqm built-up area • 25mn passengers per annum (MPPA) • Passenger boarding bridges • 30 departure immigration counters • 35 arrival immigration counters • 90 check-in counters • 34 self-bag drop • 40 self service check-in kiosks

The uniqueness of the project

Terminal 2 will be built on four guiding principles that are:
  • Terminal in a Garden
  • Sustainability
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Art & Culture of Karnataka

Used software
1. Software Defined Network, effectively automating the ICT network equipment deployment & management with in-built security features
2. Campus wide Centrally controlled displays, driving the flight information displays, digital arts, advertisement through a sophisticated CMS (Content Management System)
3. Implementation of Biometric (Digi Yatra) enabled eGates - Allow passengers to breeze through security check area with accurate screening.
4. Advanced AI based Cutting edge Video Management System (CCTV) that provides surveillance as well as video analytics elevating the planning and prediction capabilities
5.Fully integrated ICT systems with seamless information exchange, raising the bar for information driven decisions and productivity.
6.Intuitive airport map guiding passengers across the terminal
7. WiFi across the terminal enriching passenger experience with gaming, chatting, instant uploading of photos, high-definition video streaming and more
8. Assistive Listening System: Enhance the PA announcement sound for the People with hearing machine in Terminal
9. Seamless Passenger Check-in Process: Equipped with CUSS & SBD system to enable passenger for self-check in order to Print Boarding pass and Baggage pass
10. IOT Enabled Plant watering: Sensors to capture Humidity moisture & Temperature to Manage watering
11. Automated Tray Retrieval System (ATRS): 35 ATRS Smart Security Lanes for faster luggage screening and reduced wait times
12. Digital bell - Innovative displays for various purposes
13. Advanced Flight information Display System
14. Mobile infrastructure set up to support 5G

Difficulty of implementation
T2 project involved multiple stakeholders for various system infrastructures. The management of stakeholder was crucial part in the T2 project. BIAL handled it quite deftly.
Project Description
Technology and Innovation is one of the Key pillars of KIA T2 project. The T2 has been designed with cutting edge technologies with most advanced system to provide the incredible passenger experience and sustainable.
Technology will be woven into every aspect of T2 so that the passenger experience is simplified and made seamless, throughout. From entry into the Airport campus till boarding the aircraft, every point in the passenger’s travel through the Airport will be touched by various aspects of technology.
With the implementation of Digi Yatra, the passenger’s face will become the single biometric token – there will be no more inconvenience of showing an eTicket/ boarding pass/ identity card at various locations. Smart security implementation will mean that smart lanes with automated tray retrieval will integrate security screening with the latest technological innovations to facilitate more accurate screening and higher throughput, making the process more pervasive but less invasive. Passengers will breeze through security check area in less than five minutes, reducing the stress levels of passengers.
The use of IoT, AI and ML will help with quick reactions to the provision of passenger facilities across the Airport and enhance Airside performance, enabling on-time departures of flights, sharing of relevant information with passengers on an API ecosystem and reducing passenger anxiety greatly. A robust IT infrastructure to support future technologies, with the use of BI and AI and deep-learning algorithms, will facilitate transformation as the Terminal evolves, always ensuring that data security is central to all processes.
The retail experience in Terminal 2 will engage passengers in a manner thus far unrivalled at an airport. Brands will use interactive elements and personalization, as well as entertainment and events to enthuse passengers. Stores will no longer be just places to buy products, but social places that enable learning, fun or relaxation. The retail experience has been curated to put time-constrained passengers at ease. ‘Shoppable’ technology will help to extend the range to product categories never seen before at airports. F&B will be the perfect blend of places to relax and excite, while also catering to those with short dwell times. Social hubs will be spaces that blend circulation space with commercial offers, enticing passengers to work or play. International favorites will complement local, regional and national brands, catering to all tastes and price points.
Personalization and beacon technology will ensure that passengers receive relevant information, be it from personalized way finding to automatic updates on gate changes or pre-ordering a meal.
The spirit of Bengaluru will be felt through architecture and design elements that capture the spirit of the city, and this will be amplified through retail and F&B concepts that are unique to the city and the pride of Bengalurean's.

Project geography
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