Parking Сloud for County Kerry, Ireland

IT Provider
Project timeline
April, 2023 - July, 2023
Project scope
300 man-hours
Provide local residents and guests with solutions to find free parking bays. And on the other hand provide local authorities with applications for parking management and analytics about parking usage for parking optimization.
Project Results
  • The installation of 300+ wireless parking sensors

  • Integration with LoRaWan network (NetMore)

  • Integration with 3rd party Applications for Parking management and 3rd party Mobile applications

  • Set up of Parking Cloud by Jet BI for Parking Management

  • Set up of Salesforce Service cloud for incident management process set up to monitor sensor work and organize issues troubleshooting.

  • Set up of Salesforce Field Service for planning and execution onsite work

The uniqueness of the project

The Parking Cloud solution meets the needs of both city administrations and private clients with huge parking spaces, e.g. shopping malls, stadiums, owners of corporate parking, logistics centers, universities.

All parties benefit from the Parking Cloud solution because it offers:

  • an efficient use of parking spaces for parking lot owners;
  • a reduction in the time drivers have to spend searching for a space;
  • the prompt detection of parking violations for traffic police;
  • a reduction in air pollution

Used software
  • Smart parking sensors by

  • Integration with LoRaWan network (NetMore)

  • Integration with 3rd party Applications for Parking management and 3rd party Mobile applications

  • Parking Cloud by Jet BI for Parking Management

  • Salesforce Service cloud for incident management

  • Salesforce Field Service for field work planning and execution

Difficulty of implementation
  • Distribution of parking bays all over the county Kerry and strict timeline for sensor installation required efforts on route planning and optimization. Rainy weather in Ireland also had an impact

  • Some areas have low internet coverage so it took some common work with LoRaWan network provider to ensure the sensors communication

Project Description

County Kerry, located in the southwest part of Ireland, is one of Ireland's most well-known counties, with a population of 156,458 in 2023. It is well-known for its prominent tourist sites, including the Ring of Kerry, Killarney National Park, Ross Castle, Dingle Peninsula, and many others. These sites frequently attract people from all over the world, making an equitable and effective parking management system a crucial component of making County Kerry a more attractive destination for visitors. So they started a programme to implement Smart parking solutions across the County. Phase I was to install 300+ parking sensors on the parking bays for people with special needs. Parking sensors send signals to the parking management system about parking bay occupancy. This data is also provided directly to the mobile application to help drivers find available parking spaces in real time, assisting them in finding a free spot.

Project geography

Parking sensors have been installed in 33 locations in 5 municipal districts (Killarney, Tralee, Castleisland, Kenmare, Listowel) of County Kerry Ireland.

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