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Implementation and Subscription of Digital Workspace and Collaboration Tools for Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
Project manager on the customer side
Vijaykumar Dayinde
Chief Information Officer
IT Provider
Year of project completion
Project timeline
May, 2022 - October, 2022
Project scope
8900 automated workstations
The Google Workspace Migration project at Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) was intended to spearhead the Company's digital transformation into a world-class and modern workforce by prioritizing employees' flexibility, enhancing collaboration and communication, while ensuring no operational disruption.
As one of the largest airport operator groups in the world in terms of passengers handled, MAHB manages 39 airports across Malaysia.
The migration project consisted of several phases, including the migration from Microsoft Office 365 (O365) to Google Workspace (GWS), the re-platforming of 52 existing applications, and the implementation of a Big Data Analytics platform.
The six-month project transition period allowed MAHB's workload to run in parallel on both O365 and GWS, and the Company was able to seamlessly transition into a cloud-based solution and achieved its goals of providing flexibility in work and enhanced collaboration.

Project Results
The successful migration has contributed around 50% in cost reduction for MAHB in 3 years compared to the previous platform. The following are the area of cost reductions/ savings:
a. Licensing Costs - GWS offers very competitive pricing options and plans by giving 50% cost saving which is cost-efficient compared to existing systems.
b. Support and Maintenance Costs - With GWS, organizations can benefit from Google's cloud infrastructure and its expertise in managing and maintaining the platform.
c. Collaboration Efficiency - GWS offers robust collaboration features and real-time document editing, promoting efficient teamwork, while reducing the time and effort spent on document versioning.
d. Training and Onboarding - GWS tools are more intuitive for employees, and the need for extensive training can be reduced.

Google Workspace carries several Business Continuity & Reliability benefits to MAHB: It can sustain the Company's revenue during a crisis with its cloud-based nature ensuring critical business applications and data are accessible from anywhere during crises or pandemics which restrict mobility.
Enhances Employees' safety by facilitating and enabling remote collaboration, thus reducing physical interaction. Improve information-sharing capabilities through real-time document editing, file-sharing, and enhanced collaboration capabilities.
Ensure compliance with the Digital KPIs in Agile, DevOps, and CI/CT/CD Development Processes by integrating with various tools and platforms. Overall, these benefits contribute to the organization's ability to sustain revenue, ensure employees' safety, and maintain operational efficiency.

The uniqueness of the project

The 6-months timeline given!
The team has worked tirelessly starting from planning, strategizing, managing and successfully migrating 8900 staff email mailboxes, chat group, sharepoint files, re-platforming 52 applications to Google platform and migration of the cloud hosting to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
After the successful implementation of the migration at MAHB, employees' agility has improved tremendously and enabled a seamless remote working experience.
Through the suite of features available, data-driven decisions can also be made quickly, and this has further contributed to the improvement of MAHB's productivity.
Apart from these, the collaborative features have enabled employees to efficiently collaborate, while eliminating unnecessary processes and circumstances.
Overall, MAHB employees have experienced greater work experience, improved productivity as well as better teamwork in pushing ahead with the Company's aspirations.

Used software
Google Workspace (GWS) using migration tools software to accelerate the migration process
Difficulty of implementation
The project complexity during migration of 8900 staff has a challenge. The connectivity challenges with the organization for the initiatives or transformation project are:
1. Creating the appropriate environment for every user: Google Workspace is an ecosystem that consolidates and integrates all the tools on the same platform.
Every individual in the company has specific needs, working routines and responsibilities. As such, to enhance efficiencies, it is paramount to create an environment that is suitable during the migration process.
2. Migrating users' data: The migration of emails, applications, documents, calendars, contacts, and others to Google Workspace from the previous service provider forms a critical moment during the transition.
3. Ensuring user adoption and maximizing the benefits of this new way of working: The initial phase of migration is to ensure minimizing the shock and unfamiliarity of the change.

Project Description
MAHB's journey in embracing the Digital Transformation Strategy is captured in the following strategies which focuses on leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency and provides employee and customer experience through connectivity in this digital business era.
1. Future of Connectedness Initiatives/Connectivity Transformation Project:MAHB's Connectivity Transformation project aims to resolve connectivity silos, deliver a competitive advantage, provide a secure and agile work environment, support hybrid working models post-COVID, and update the network architecture to enable seamless digital engagement with customers and employees. This initiative ensures efficient communication, collaboration, and digital experiences within the airport ecosystem, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.
2. Differentiation in the Airport Industry/Market:Through this project, MAHB is able to differentiate itself from other competitors by establishing a robust and modern digital infrastructure. The enhanced connectivity and agile work environment have attracted top talents by ensuring effective collaboration and improving operational efficiency. Additionally, the Company's ability to provide seamless digital experiences to customers and partners sets it apart, delivering exceptional customer service and fostering strong relationships.
Google Workspace can bring several scalability and flexibility benefits for MAHB. Some potential benefits include:
1. Secure Access Anytime, Anywhere2. Improved Worker Productivity and Satisfaction3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction4. Reduced Response Time5. Streamlined Collaboration with Partners6. Agile and Flexible Work Environment7. Enhanced Data Security and Compliance
The benefits of a successful migration to Google Workspace empower airport employees with secure access to resources anytime, anywhere, resulting in improved worker productivity, customer satisfaction, response times, and streamlined collaboration with partners. These advantages contribute to a more agile, efficient, and customer-centric airport operation.
The successful migration to GWS will also bring the following benefits:
a. Housekeeping on Legacy System: Before initiating the migration, the team conducted a thorough housekeeping process on the legacy system. This involved reviewing and cleaning up data, eliminating redundancies, and organizing files and folders to ensure streamlined data to Google Workspace.
b. Continuous Communication: Maintain open and continuous communication channels between the enterprise, the vendor, and the staff throughout the migration process. Provide regular updates, address concerns and questions promptly to ensure everyone is aware of the timeline, expectations, and benefits of the migration.
c. Comprehensive User Adoption Strategy: Develop a comprehensive user adoption strategy that focuses on educating and empowering employees to utilize the features and capabilities of Google Workspace effectively.

Project geography
The email migration and collaboration tools project covers the entire 8900 MAHB staff in 39 airports in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak.

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