entertainment hub

Halyk Bank
Project manager on the customer side
Nariman Mukushev
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Halyk Bank
Year of project completion
Project timeline
June, 2016 - November, 2023
Project scope
2600000 subscribers
The main goal of the entertaining-life service “” is to stimulate the local infrastructure for cultural and art facilities, sports, cinema, and to put efforts into developing e-commerce industry in Kazakhstan, uniting cinemas, theaters, concert halls and sports facilities for automated service which would allow purchasing tickets online and offline. You could get tickets for any concert, festival, performance or sports event in just a few minutes and in 2 clicks. is dedicated to the development of the cultural life in Kazakhstan and the introduction of modern technologies for promoting and searching for leisure activities.
Project Results

Our main achievement is satisfied customers who use our service every day. every month our website is visited by 2,5 million unique customers.

Our second success is the launch of the theaters/concerts/sport events. In a short period, we were able to sell more than 10 million tickets and strengthen our position in the market of ticket operators.

We consider the third success to be cooperation with top artists and partners of our country and beyond. Only on our website, exclusively it was possible to purchase tickets for concerts of artists who top the top charts.

The uniqueness of the project is the very first movie platform in the country. Since 2000, the project has been able to publish the schedules of all cinemas across the country on one website. Only on were there all new movies available with a schedule, where every viewer could watch a trailer and leave a review as well.

In 2020, became a movie scheduling service, which enabled a full-fledged ticket service, allowing buying movie tickets for just a few minutes while staying at home.

Since 2022, has become a service for selling tickets to all cultural and entertainment events in the country, including festivals, performances, concerts and even sporting events.

Since 2023, kinokz has become a service for an exciting life, especially after the launch of Kezdesu, where every visitor can find a like-minded person/couple/friend to attend an event or movie.

Used software
Own ticket system made in Kazakhstan.
Difficulty of implementation

The only difficulty was in the automation of the country’s cultural institutions and in the transition from offline to online ticket sales.

Project Description - is a service of entertaining life. allows everyone to lead an exciting life through entertainment. Why do you want to be only one person, if you could be many - different heroes of films, concerts, plays and sport events, by buying tickets to these events. We publish daily schedules of all movies in all cinemas of our country or different concerts, festivals.

Users select an event or movie and purchases a ticket online without leaving home. Tickets are generated in your personal account. At the entrance to a cinema or concert hall, all you need to do is scan your QR code on your ticket. After visiting the event, you can share your emotions on the website

Project geography

Whole Kazakhstan

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