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How to reduce the time for the construction company reporting on counterparties from two months to one day

KATANA Networks
IT Provider
FinGrad - Financial Management
Year of project completion
Project timeline
November, 2021 - March, 2022
Project scope
120 man-hours

The objectives of the project - to minimize manual data entry, combine them into one system, to introduce reporting, relevant to the date of reporting, set up analytics on inventories, receivables / payables.

The uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness of the project is that now we can see complete financial statements. Initially, we (katana networks) did not have reliable information on receivables/payables, it was impossible to control cash flow and real inventory.

Now all historical data has been transferred to FinGrad. We have a complete and up to date picture of cash flow, receivables / payables. You can see the financial results for each project and line of business.

Also during the transfer of data from Excel files to FinGrad there was found the need to implement a unified reference books to automate and organize accounting materials.

Automation solved two problems at once:
  • processing a large amount of information in a unified system
  • making right management decisions based on reliable data.

Used software
FinGrad - automation system of management accounting
Difficulty of implementation
Before FinGrad we had no management swelling, so everything was created from scratch: DDS, OP&A, Balance Sheet, etc.
Project Description
FinGrad consultants set up more than 10 data entry forms, transferred cash and bank statements to FinGrad. We set up currency conversion - Uzbek sum and dollars. We also built accounts receipts. Reconciliation with cash desk now shows what the money is spent on in real time.

After DCS we introduced reports to control various business processes:
1. The international delivery form collects information on purchase prices, customs and shipping costs. After a triggered delivery is closed, all shipping costs are allocated to the cost of materials.
2. In the customer allocation form, expenses in the selling price on accounts 62-90 are included. The system automatically generates 10-62 postings with the calculation and allocation of the average cost price.
3. Form for wages based on the name of the employee and the number of days worked per month will calculate wages, taking into account monthly and shift accrual and accrual in different currencies. Calculation according to the production calendar of Uzbekistan.
4. A large proportion of our money flows are settlements with accountable persons who make purchases and work. Therefore, to control this block we created a form of reconciliation of funds of accountable persons. We added a breakdown by analytics Period, Expense type and Accountable person itself to detail the amounts and compare them with the reconciliation act for the customer.

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