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Digital transformation of Kagazy Recycling LLP based on 1C software products

ООО Kagazy Recycling
IT Provider
Prof-IT Group of Companies
Year of project completion
Project timeline
Декабрь, 2019 - Ноябрь, 2021
Project scope
800 automated workstations
  1. Create a single corporate information space to work on the basis of "1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2 for Kazakhstan" and "1C:Document Management 8 KORP for Kazakhstan
  2. Creation of uniform standards for the processing of internal and external information
  3. Reduce the share of manual labor of system users
  4. Reduction of duration of routine operations
  5. Ensure prompt generation of non-contradictory reports on business activities of the company in accounting, tax, and operational areas
  6. Replace paper document flow with electronic document flow
  7. Increase the efficiency of corporate management
  8. Ensure stable operation of accounting systems through the use of 1C:Corporate Toolkit
  9. To provide the ability to analyze ongoing work with customers and suppliers
  10. Enable control over the movement of inventory in warehouses
  11. Reduction of labor costs of HR Department employees, optimization of processes for prompt obtaining of information on absenteeism of employees and reasons for absence, informing employees on amounts accrued and withheld, control and fulfillment of vacations schedule, control over sufficiency of employees by subdivisions, etc.

The uniqueness of the project

The implementation project was carried out using standard 1C software products adapted to the requirements of Kagazy Recycling LLP ("1C:ERP Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan", "1C:Document Management for Kazakhstan", "1C:Corporate Toolkit", mobile application "1C:ERP Monitor", mobile application "1C:Document Management", mobile application "Mobile Assistant of company employee" developed during the project). This project is a logical continuation of the progressive movement in the information transformation of a dynamically developing company.
Used software
1C:ERP Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan
1C:Document Management for Kazakhstan
1C:Corporate tool suite
1C:ERP Monitor mobile application
1C:Document Management" mobile application
Mobile application "Mobile Assistant of the Company Employee", developed in the course of the project implementation

MS Windows 2019
MS SQL Server 2016
Difficulty of implementation
The main difficulties of the project were:
1. Complete blackout due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2. Change of top management in the project
Project Description
Situation before implementation

LLP "Kagazy Recycling" today is the largest manufacturer of containerboard, corrugated packaging and paper in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The company offers a full range of services:
  • corrugated board selection;
  • development of design and graphic design of packaging of any complexity;
  • development of palletizing schemes and optimal ways of delivering finished products.

Kagazy Recycling" LLP constantly undergoes periodic certification according to the following international standards:
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system;
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015;
  • Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • The uniqueness of Kagazy Recycling LLP's paper production is that the company uses only recycled waste paper as raw material. Representing a vertically integrated business with a full production cycle. The company collects recyclable materials through its own extensive collection network with subsequent recycling and production of finished products.
Each year the company collects and recycles about 50 thousand tons of waste paper, thereby saving from cutting down about 500 thousand mature trees.

Production of paper from natural wood fibers helps to reduce not only forests, but also energy and water resources, as well as increasing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. The use of secondary raw materials is the most environmentally friendly business solution. The development strategy of Kagazy Recycling LLP corresponds to the key points of the Concept for Transition to a Green Economy adopted by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2013, and the specifics of our paper production, which is based on recycling waste paper, reflect the principles of environmental and social responsibility.

The company's existing accounting system did not meet the increased demands of the business:

  • Increase in the volume of analytical information;
  • The need to increase the quality of customer service;
  • Necessity to have a modern accounting and decision making tool which meets all the modern standards.
  • Automation of many company processes
  • Due to an increase in staff, more time was required to process primary information and incoming inquiries from employees
  • Because of the increase in production volumes, it was necessary to have all work centers fully staffed prior to the start of a shift
  • Much more time was required to inform employees about payroll (paper versions of pay slips) etc.

Project results

As a result of the project conducted at Kagazy Recycling LLP, the following results were achieved:
  1. A single corporate information space based on "1C:ERP Enterprise Management for Kazakhstan" and "1C:Document Management 8 CORP for Kazakhstan" was created
  2. Stable operation of accounting systems with the use of 1C:Corporate Toolkit software was provided
  3. Increased efficiency of corporate management
  4. Provided an opportunity for prompt generation of non-contradictory reports on economic activities of the company in accounting, tax and operational areas
  5. Paper flow is reduced. An electronic document flow system is in place.
  6. Common standards for the processing of internal and external information are established
  7. Provided ability to analyze current work with customers and suppliers
  8. Enabled control of inventory movements in warehouses
  9. By using a mobile application, the Mobile Assistant for Company Employees, labor costs were reduced for employees of the HR Department and processes for promptly receiving information about staff absence were optimized, and staff sufficiency in the departments at the beginning of a shift was ensured.
  10. and others.

Project geography
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