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Increased efficiency and transparency of transportation management with AXELOT TMS

IE LLC Balton Trading (Asia)
IT Provider
Year of project completion
Project timeline
May, 2020 - April, 2022
Project scope
797 man-hours
The key goal of the project was the transition to a specialized software solution that would simplify and make more transparent the processes of transport and transportation management.

The uniqueness of the project

A list of tools for transportation process management, driver control, financial control, and own fleet management was implemented.
Used software
Difficulty of implementation
Lack of key participants from the Customer's side. The launch was carried out without direct interaction with the management staff due to the simultaneous launch of two systems AXELOT TMS X4 and AXELOT WMS X5. The interaction was carried out with the operators.

The exchange of data between KIS and TMS is carried out by uploading files in ".csv" format.

Uploading of the orders for delivery to the customers is carried out manually throughout the day by the operator, with a frequency of 2 hours.

Uploading of moves between warehouses is carried out manually.

The scheduling process starts after 19:00.

Low level of mobile Internet for work in MK.

Binding of certain requests to certain TCs/freight forwarders, without the possibility of transferring various attributes from the CIS.
Project Description
The company accepts orders and delivers on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The company processes about 3,500 requests for transportation per day. Orders for transportation are formed in the system on the basis of customer orders, issued through the corporate information system. Planning of routes is carried out automatically, according to the data received from the CIS, the task of TMS to distribute all incoming requests for transportation to the forwarders.

Using AXELOT TMS allows freight forwarders to receive information about the routes on a special device, which has a mobile client. The freight forwarder sees a fully planned trip with the optimal order of the delivery points and taking into account parameters such as, for example, time windows of customers. There are also a number of other features, such as the ability to mark a return from the point of sale with the reason for return, the ability to pick up goods prepared by the outlet for return, according to procedures for certain product categories and others.

Previously, all information on the company's own fleet was stored, summarized and analyzed using Excel. Now, on a daily basis, the system receives actual information on the mileage, fuel and lubricants from the trip tickets. Thus, the possibility for automatic analysis of information on the use and disposal of their own vehicles. The data on the actual daily mileage allows forecasting the date of technical maintenance for each vehicle. In addition, AXELOT TMS uses monitoring of expiration dates of vehicles and drivers' documents, which allows you to track and notify the responsible employees when the expiration date is approaching.

With the introduction of a specialized solution, accounting for logistics costs has become much more transparent and detailed. The system is able to account for all types of costs (direct, indirect, future expenses), allocating them to specific flights, transportation requests. According to the configured rules, the system compares estimated planned and actual costs on a daily basis. If some expense categories cannot be attributed to specific flights, such as vehicle insurance or the purchase of equipment for the logistics department, they are also entered into the system and are allocated to each executed request for the reporting period. As a result, TMS allows the formation of various analytical reports, analysis and management decisions.
Project geography
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