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Wagon fleet accounting system and automation of station operations at a railway station

Petroleum Group
Project manager on the customer side
Daniyar Shaimerdenov
IT Provider
AlterApp LLP
Year of project completion
Project timeline
December, 2019 - December, 2021
Project scope
250000 man-hours
  • Keep records of car fleet movement within the station
  • Autogeneration of technological forms of documents
  • Ensuring "work on the tracks"
  • Automate technological document flow

The uniqueness of the project

A project that fully covers the operation within a railway station and/or railway enterprise. Allows you to provide end-to-end coverage of different kinds of enterprises within a single technological process. Provides auto-generation of forms, and full coordination of documents according to the technological process. The project was implemented in-house and has a number of distinctive features:
  • Single-camera mode of operation of the video-recognition point
  • High degree of accuracy in numbering carriages
  • Full cycle of technological workflow automation
  • Cableless recognition station on solar panels
  • No special equipment on the track
  • Low requirements for equipment
  • Automation of end-to-end business process in related enterprises
  • Combining video analytics and document management

Used software
  • Video analytics cameras
  • In-house development of cable-free video-recording system on the solar battery
  • In-house developed software

Difficulty of implementation
  • Difficult climatic conditions
  • Recognition of "complicated" numbers on tank wagons (dirt, uneven surface)
  • Unstable coverage of the object by communication - an autonomous module of work on the tracks is implemented
  • Limited space for installation of video analytics cameras
  • Limited cabling and installation work

Project Description
The project covers the full range of work within the station. Allows to automate the work of the station and/or railway enterprise both autonomously and in a colocation. The system consists of modules for recognition and digitization of rolling stock numbers, automated train formation, inspection work "on the tracks" with the subsequent generation of technological forms. The number recognition modules operate in single/two camera mode, and allow to do without additional equipment for wheel set counting and wagon counting.
Project geography
Republic of Kazakhstan
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