Upside Down IT: Lessons from Training IT Specialists in Australia

On October 20th, 2023 Global CIO hosted a “Upside down IT. What are IT specialists taught and what is valued in specialists in Australia?” webinar with Oleg Vaynberg, qualified and experienced IT tutor with a strong IT background.


Oleg Vaynberg.jpgOleg Vaynberg       

• Educator TAFE QLD
• CCNA, Instructor Cisco
• Certified Network Engineer
• Certified Project Manager
• Certified coach ICTA
• Former CIO 

His great passion is to help people to reach their own goals and watching how they develop.

During our webinar, Oleg told about:

  • Education system in Australia. Academic education vs vocational education

  • Unified state certification system

  • TAFE system of vocational education

  • What do we teach them and what is valued by employers?

Additionally, Oleg spoke about his personal experience of moving to Australia, compared the approach to education there and in post-Soviet countries, and discussed what he personally, as an IT manager, considers most important in training junior specialists. This is an experience that is interesting even if Australia is on the other side of the universe for you!

You can view the presentation by following the link.
The recording of the webinar is available after registration. 

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