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CIOs of Kazakhstan as part of global IT community. Best practices

On June 4, 2024, the professional IT community Global CIO held its annual meeting with IT leaders from Kazakhstan. IT executives from leading companies in Kazakhstan were invited to the online meeting. The event, titled “CIO of Kazakhstan as part of the Global IT Community,” was aimed to exchange best practices, share experiences and learn more about digital transformation in Kazakhstan. Among the speakers who presented their cases at the meeting were IT leaders of such companies as QazPost, Jusan Mart, Bereke Bank and KazakhTelecom.

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Assem Bolatzhan, an adviser to the Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, and the Managing Director at QazPost, gave a presentation on the path QazPost has taken toward digital transformation since the beginning of 2023. Assem spoke about what it is like to join a company in which many processes and approaches require changes and to carry out digital transformation as a complex project. The specificity of the project was that QazPost, being a quasi-state company, has social obligations and must contribute to the development of Kazakhstan’s infrastructure.

Kamza Nugumanov, CIO at Jusan Mart, shared his experience of transitioning from a monolith solution to a microservice architecture at his company. Jusan Mart, founded in 2020, initially developed as a startup, selecting inexpensive solutions and implementing them quickly. As the business scaled, it was decided to switch to a microservice architecture, positively affecting the speed of the service and the ability to implement changes. Kamza clearly demonstrated the technologies used in the project and the steps the team took to implement it.

The presentation “Efficiency of Technological Transformation in Corporations” was delivered by Rafael Valeev, Managing Director for Technology Development at Bereke Bank. Rafael discovered the difference between efficiency and performance and shared his view on the organizational structure and frameworks that allow achieving the greatest efficiency. Drawing on his experience in managing complex technological transformation in three different banks, Rafael also focused on how a CIO can communicate with company management on the effectiveness of changes.

Kuat Sandalov, Director of Digitalization and Big Data at KazakhTelecom, shared his vision on data governance in the processes of a telecommunications company. In his presentation, Kuat discussed existing frameworks for working with data and shared how to implement well-known methodologies, adapting them to the characteristics of the company. He spoke about the key stages in the development of the data and analytics function in the company and the principles that KazakhTelecom adheres to in its data policy.

The event was held in Russian. The meeting were broadcast via Zoom and on the Global CIO’s LinkedIn page, which allowed a larger audience to ask questions to the speakers. Participants of the meeting note the high level of expertise of the speakers and practical value of presentations.

Sixty-eight IT executives from 15 countries, including Brazil, India, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia participated in the project.

June 2024 was a very dynamic month for AI and data analytics market, marked by significant events, product launches, and industry insights.

Artem Kalivanov, CIO of Beeline Uzbekistan, discussed IT project management in terms of project definition, management models like Waterfall and Agile methodologies, and the importance of Lean in process management.

The big news of the past month was the launch of GPT-4o. This new version of generative AI now takes any combination of text, audio, images and video as input, and generates any combination of text, audio and images.

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