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Global CIO Meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2024

On June 6, 2024, the professional IT community Global CIO held an annual meeting with IT leaders from Uzbekistan. The meeting named “CIO of Uzbekistan as part of Global IT community” was held at the International Hotel in Tashkent. The event was aimed to exchange best practices, experiences and get to know IT leaders from Central Asia, the working language was Russian.

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At the beginning of the evening, the guests of the meeting were greeted by Katerina Liasko, CEO at the Global CIO community. Shavkat Karimov, head of the IT community of Uzbekistan, also made a welcome speech on IT and economy specifics of the region. The main part of the meeting was devoted to presentations by speakers from the leading companies of Uzbekistan who shared their experience of digital transformation.

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Artem Kalivanov, CIO at Beeline Uzbekistan, spoke on approaches and processes in IT project management. Artem touched on the classic dilemma of finding a middle ground between expectations of “fast”, “cheap” and “quality” and concentrated on the details that are important for successful project management: organizational structure, communications, documentation, risk management, etc.

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Sergey Gotalsky, Business Development Manager at Konica Minolta in the Republic of Uzbekistan, shared the presentation “Optimization of printing infrastructure: modern approaches and benefits for business”. He told how to reduce costs and improve the convenience of the printing infrastructure using optimization and outsourcing of printing (OSP).
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Presentation by Leonid Chernyy, CDO at Uzum, was entitled "Principles of building a client catalog at Uzum: solutions and practice". Using the example of ecosystem of services, which combine retail, financial services and food delivery, Leonid showed what are the challenges in managing knowledge about ecosystem users, how you can work with a client catalog and use data efficiently, not just collecting it.
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At the end of the showcase there was a presentation by Khasan Radjabov, Councillor of the IT and Financial Monitoring Departments, Artel Group. Khasan spoke about how the digital transformation took place in the Artel company, the largest manufacturer of household appliances in Central Asia, focusing not only on successful solutions, but also on difficulties and mistakes that could have been avoided.
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At the end of the meeting, the guests went to a buffet to continue communication and discuss the cases in a relaxed atmosphere. Digitalization leaders in various sectors of the economy highly appreciated the expertise of speakers and the networking opportunities.

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The Global CIO professional IT community has conducted its annual survey of IT executives and would like to thank all the community members who helped realise this work. This survey explores the key challenges that CIOs face from their companies, as well as the CIO's personal view of their areas of responsibility. The survey included 100 respondents heading IT departments in companies.

The events of the past two years have shown how important it is not only to have a long-term strategy, but also to be able to quickly 'reformat' it to new circumstances. The metaphor of the whale and the Strategy methodology were created specifically for this process.

The discussion begins with the assertion that every company will eventually be forced to adopt AI. AI adoption varies across industries, with some seeing it as imperative for staying competitive, while for others, it's less of an immediate need.  New technologies like MLOps, data pipelines, autonomic databases, and predictive analytics help to improve the overall governance risk.

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