OpenAI expects to generate more than $1 billion in revenue in the next year from the sale of AI software and computing power

OpenAI expects to achieve annual revenues of $1 billion over the next 12 months. The company intends to ensure such financial performance through the sale of artificial intelligence software and the computing power on which it operates.  The company's success is reflected in the size of its monthly revenue - $80 billion.

OpenAI's strategic partnership with Microsoft Corporation has significantly accelerated the capabilities of chatbot developer ChatGPT. The partnership has contributed to OpenAI's prominence by giving it constant attention and ample innovation capital.

The generative AI enables the creation of a variety of textual and visual content using brief queries from users. ChatGPT debuted last November, sparking a response from young and established companies. OpenAI's technology has been easily integrated into a variety of business processes and products, delivering transformational change across a number of industries.

OpenAI posted a loss of $540 million in 2022.The financial setback was attributed to the development of two groundbreaking AI models, GPT-4 and ChatGPT. The willingness to push the boundaries of AI and the resulting financial commitment emphasized the company's commitment to innovation.

OpenAI's proactive strategies have enabled it to meet challenges and become more resilient, and the company's determination to build AI models that offer cutting-edge solutions has strengthened its reputation in the industry.

In late August, OpenAI released ChatGPT Enterprise, a version of its chatbot for enterprise users, which is based on the GPT-4 large language model. The solution offers advanced data protection, faster response generation speed, long input processing and advanced customization features.

The introduction of ChatGPT Enterprise should be a game changer in the company's efforts to increase revenue by attracting a wider range of business customers. The launch of the new version of the chatbot stems from OpenAI's realization that supporting robust AI models requires significant computing power. Incorporating new features and privacy measures into the enterprise version of ChatGPT allows the company to reach a broader market while maintaining its commitment to quality and functionality.

In addition to standard services, OpenAI has effectively introduced premium subscriptions and expanded API access. This diversification is consistent with the company's desire to simplify access to generative artificial intelligence technologies while maximizing revenue opportunities.

Approaching the $1 billion annual revenue mark demonstrates the potential of OpenAI's AI innovation coupled with strategic partnerships, continued investment, and forward-thinking strategies. The company's expansion beyond research and development has allowed it to capitalize on technological breakthroughs and stay in tune with evolving market needs.

18 countries have unveiled the first international agreement on how to protect artificial intelligence from irresponsible players. It aims to develop AI solutions that are "inherently safe".

On November 30, the professional IT community GlobalCIO hosted a large-scaled international conference "Global CIO Insights: Digital Transformation with AI". During the event, leading experts shared their practical experience in launching projects utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and highlighted approaches that helped elevate their companies to new heights.

Voting for projects participating in the "Project of the Year" contest is open. The voting began on December 1st and will continue until January 15th inclusive. The winners will be announced on February 7th, 2024.

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