Kazakhtelecom put into operation another 84 rack places in Almaty

"Kazakhtelecom" has additionally put into operation 84 rack places in the existing modular data center in Almaty. After carrying out works on expansion of machine halls, the possibility of placing customers' equipment has increased several times. Now the total number of rack-places of IDC is 168.

Let us remind you that the data center project itself is unique among the existing data centers of the company, because in the course of its construction the most new and modern technologies were applied: the new modular data center with a total area of 180 sq.m. initially consisted of several ready-made structures, which were assembled and completed at the construction site.

In addition, the data center uses a convenient management and monitoring system, racks are installed in separate boxes with a large physical capacity of 50 units, as opposed to the standard 42 units. For safety and efficiency of operation, a modern air-conditioning system is used here, which allows to reduce the cost of electricity consumption. External power supply to the data center is provided from different sections of one distribution substation through two independent lines. Three diesel generators are installed for backup power supply of the data center. And to ensure reliability there is a system of automatic backup switching on.

"The modular data center has a convenient location, it is located within the city limits of Almaty on the Eastern bypass. The current supported power of one rack here is 8 kW with the possibility of increasing. Data transmission is provided by channels with total capacity of 60G, and their expansion is also provided for customers. I would like to note that the modular data processing center meets the reliability level TIER II+ and high level of seismic resistance up to 10 points", - says Rustem Nysanbayev, Director for development of ICT services of the IT Division - branch of Kazakhtelecom JSC.

At the same time, as the Company notes, the high capacity (3.3 MW) and serious degree of protection of the modular data center gives the customers an opportunity to deploy digital projects economically and promptly. The resources of the modular data center can be used not only for the placement of physical equipment, but also as part of the lease of virtual infrastructure. That is, data center customers can use the virtual resources of a fault-tolerant cloud to host business-critical data and applications. In addition, for the convenience of customers, the issue of construction of a modern conceptually new co-working center with workspaces on the territory of the data center in the future is also being worked out.

"Kazakhtelecom" owns a network of data centers in almost all major cities of the country. But most of the resources have already been utilized. Therefore, the main priority for us remains further development of our network of data centers. Due to the increased demand for the services of the company's data centers, we decided not only to build new, but also to improve the existing sites. We are carrying out modernization works, thus increasing the possibility of equipment placement for existing and new customers. In general, in the next three years we intend to increase the network of data centers by 426 racks", - said Marat Abdildabekov, Director General of the IT Division - branch of Kazakhtelecom JSC.

Thus, by the end of the year, the telecom-operator intends to put into operation additional capacities in the data center of Akkol city for 42 racks, and next year it has planned to build a large data center of TIER III reliability level in the capital with the capacity of 300 racks. Taking into account the growing demand for cloud services, the company plans to use 50% of new data center resources for "clouds".

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