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Kazakhstan IT company to launch project in new capital of Indonesia

Sergek Projects Ltd ("Sergek") and the administration of the state capital of Nusantara (Indonesia) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of intelligent transportation systems and mobility. This is an important step in the development of partnership between Kazakhstan and Indonesia, which opens new prospects for cooperation in the field of traffic management and ecology.

Indonesian Ambassador to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, Mohamad Fajrul Rahman, who was present at the signing of the document during the Kazakh delegation's visit to Nusantara, explained that this return visit was made at the behest of the President of the Republic of Indonesia to strengthen cooperation between Astana as the newest capital city in the world and Nusantara as the city to which this title will be transferred.

"As a sister city, the administration of the state capital of Nusantara has learned a lot from Astana as part of how to build a smart and livable capital city. And they (Astana administration) also want to learn how we will later build Nusantara as a sustainable city in the middle of forests. The signing of this memorandum is a great start for further knowledge sharing and cooperation, as it is Sergek who has implemented transportation traffic safety solutions as well as some ITS solutions in Astana," said the Ambassador.

Several events are planned as part of the cooperation. Among them is the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of transportation solutions for smart cities. Workshops and discussions are planned with key stakeholders, including the administration of the state capital Nusantara, the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation, the Indonesian National Police and other relevant bodies. This will allow sharing of advanced transport and mobility solutions based on the experience of Sergek projects in Astana and other Central Asian cities. The first workshop is scheduled for early October 2023.

It is also planned to launch a pilot project in a city in Indonesia, focusing on traffic management, environment and compliance monitoring.

In addition, the parties will jointly develop an integrated solution for transportation systems, road safety and mobility, customized for Nusantara. As part of this collaboration, Sergek sees participation not only as a strategic partner, but also as an investor providing financial support, cost-effectiveness of the solution and robust mechanisms for knowledge transfer and capacity development.

Bambang Susantono, head of the Future Capital's administration, mentioned: "The cooperation with Sergek and their commitment to provide knowledge sharing and investment in the form of a pilot project is very valuable to us. We have to make sure together that the proposed technologies meet our needs, help our lives and the mobility ecosystem in the archipelago. The implementation of environmentally friendly, efficient and effective public transportation will be the main principle of transportation development in Nusantara."

Sergek's Vice President of Global Markets, Alena Tkachenko, emphasized that the company is ready to benefit the future Indonesian capital in the short and long term by realizing the vision of Nusantara as an inclusive, green and sustainable city for all.

Kaisar Mankaraev, Head of Astana's Department of Economy and Budget Planning added:

"We are proud that a Kazakh company is signing the Memorandum of Cooperation today. We have been seeing the results of the Sergek project in the city of Astana for 6 years. Within the first year after the project was launched, deaths from road accidents decreased by 50% and the crime rate decreased by 71%."
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