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CIO SUMMIT in Samarkand: Results of the International IT Summit

On September 28-29, 2023, the annual meeting of the International Academy of CIOs - UZBEKISTAN INTERNATIONAL CIO SUMMIT 2023 was held in Samarkand. This is a key event for IT and digital transformation executives from around the world.

CIO Summit brings together on one platform leading experts in the field of IT - CEOs of large companies, representatives of government agencies, scientists and specialists in the field of digitalization. The main theme of this year's summit was "The Digital World - Challenges for CIOs".

On the first day of the summit, the opening ceremony was held with the participation of the guests of honor. The welcome speech was delivered by:

- Aziz Mukhitdinov, Director of the State Institution "E-Government Project Management Center";
- Jean-Pierre Aufre, President of the International Academy of CIOs and George Mason University;
- Muzaffar Jalalov, Rector of INHA University in Tashkent.

Then the plenary session "Digital World: Global Trends and Challenges for CIOs" was held. The reports were delivered by leading international experts: Andrey Beklemishev spoke about global trends in IT and their importance for CIOs, Kim Young-sik presented Korea's experience in creating a digital government platform, Xian-Li Tseng shared Taiwan's practice of transferring household registration data.

Next, there was a session dedicated to e-commerce. Presentations were made by Muzaffar A'zamov on the concepts of e-commerce development in Uzbekistan and Baizhan Kanafin on the Documentolog platform. There was also a panel discussion on the possibilities of creating a digital hub for cross-border trade in Central Asia.

The afternoon session "Infrastructure and Applications" was held. Experts spoke about trends in the field of data centers and cloud technologies, opportunities for creating a digital hub in Central Asia.

The first day ended with a gala dinner for all participants of the summit.

On the second day of the summit the issues of IT personnel training were discussed, reports from leading universities of Uzbekistan and foreign countries were delivered. Cases of successful digital transformation projects from Kazakhstan, Russia and Italy were also presented. A separate session was devoted to cyber security issues.

CIO Summit Uzbekistan 2023 became a unique platform for sharing experience, knowledge and developing joint approaches to the development of digital economy in Central Asia. The event was held at a high level and gathered industry leaders from all over the world. This was made possible largely thanks to the generous support of partners and sponsors.

Special mention should be made of the contribution of H3C, Cloupard, Trend Micro, Expert Pro, Dell, Schneider Electric and Dokumentolog. The organizers express their deep gratitude for their trust and invaluable assistance in holding the IT Summit.

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business operations marks a transformative era, enhancing efficiency and innovation across industries. From revolutionizing HR with automated recruitment to aiding early disease detection in healthcare, AI's impact is profound. It enables predictive cybersecurity, personalized customer interactions, and accelerated software development in IT. 

Lots of news from technology vendors and modern cases on how to use data analytics for operations excellence – this is what March brought us this year.

In this issue we looked at the drivers and bright trends in retail. AI will undoubtedly be the leader among technologies for several years ahead in retail, and in the economy in general. Its emergence in wide access has opened up incredible opportunities for improving business efficiency.

“Before the automation introduction, the process was complicated by the fact that the address system was stationary, not dynamic. We could not automate serial and batch accounting of products. It was not possible to automate the warehouse replenishment processes, both planned and on order. The accounting system did not reflect all goods movements,” says Alexander Permyakov, head of the warehouse complex.

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