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Adobe unveiled three new AI services for designers

Adobe at the presentation MAX Keynote showed new features of the tool Firefly and introduced three new services for designers based on neural networks. These are the generator of vector graphics Firefly Vector, the generator of layouts for advertising Firefly Design and improved image generator Firefly Image Model 2.

Firefly Image Model 2

Firefly Image 2 represents the next generation of generative artificial intelligence for image processing. The neural network generates higher quality images and illustrations, improves human rendering, offers more colors and improved dynamic range, and gives users more control over the output. Firefly Image 2 was trained on licensed content, including from Adobe Stock, and publicly available content whose copyrights have expired.

The tool supports text prompts in more than 100 languages, as well as new paid plans that include allocation of "quick" credits.


Generative matching. The neural network applies a preset style to create new images at the desired scale. Generative Match lets you select images from a pre-selected list or upload your own reference image to use its style;

more photorealistic image quality with greater detail, including skin pores and foliage, as well as greater control over depth of field, motion blur, etc. Users can apply settings similar to manual settings in the camera lens. Auto mode will help set "photo" or "art" as the image style and then apply the appropriate settings;

improved text prompting capabilities. Firefly Image 2 now better understands text prompts and recognizes more landmarks and cultural symbols. Users can receive suggestions for improving promts, select certain elements such as key terms, colors, or shapes to exclude them from generation;

publishing and saving to libraries. Users can share and save images directly from Firefly and use the prompts they like. The Save to Library feature allows users to save a file to Creative Cloud Libraries and then open it in other applications.

Firefly Vector 

The new Firefly vector model combines Adobe's expertise in vector graphics and generative artificial intelligence. It allows you to generate vector and pattern output of a quality comparable to human work. The generated graphics are editable, compact, and organized into groups for easy editing and reuse.


generative matching. Vectors added to the user's editing area perfectly match the existing style. This allows the model to generate high quality vector output, specializing in scenes, objects, icons and patterns;

gradients. The new model engine generates editable vector gradients, radically simplifying geometry instead of using multiple contours filled with a solid fill to depict the same image effect;

organized and easy-to-use output. When creating vector graphics, all elements are logically grouped and layered;

seamless templates. Vectorized templates can be easily broken into tiles, so they can be repeated indefinitely without any visible seams;

precise geometry. The output vectorized curves are smooth and precise, with attention to details such as intelligent handling of joints where multiple curves intersect.

Firefly Design 

The new Firefly design model provides instant template designs with the new Text to Template feature in Adobe Express. It generates templates for all popular aspect ratios that are fully editable in Express and can be used for print, social and web advertising.


Editing. Templates created with the Text to Template feature in Express can be customized for print, social, online advertising and more. Users can create images in Firefly and then transfer requests for further refinement in Express, using Firefly-based text effects for headlines;

automated design. Templates created by artificial intelligence and the ability to use automatically created text and images saves users time;

integrated content creation. Users can easily generate text and images with simple prompts while choosing the best size, color and position, and crop, replace or rotate images as needed;

instant integrated design. The model uses generative artificial intelligence to create images, text and tones that harmonize with the user's cues.

Adobe previously announced that its Firefly image generator is now available to Creative Cloud, Adobe Express and Adobe Experience Cloud subscribers. At the same time, the company is launching Firefly as a standalone web application.
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