Kazakhtelecom and Smart Cities will develop clouds together

Several joint cloud services have already been presented by Kazakhtelecom on the business portal ismet.kz.

Kazakhtelecom and the Smart Cities company, part of the AITU digital ecosystem from BTS Digital, entered into an agreement on cooperation in the development of cloud technologies in Kazakhstan, as well as expanding the line of cloud solutions and products. Several joint cloud services have already been presented by Kazakhtelecom on the business portal ismet.kz.
These are Aitu.Cloud services such as virtual computing resources (IaaS) and S3 object storage, which portal users can already connect without contacting the manager or sending any documents.

At the next stage , Kazakhtelecom will connect its own infrastructure to Aitu.Cloud cloud products. This will allow us to combine the high reliability and security of data that Kazakhtelecom provides on the basis of its own network of data centers with the high-quality and prompt service of Smart Cities. In addition, next year, as part of the partnership, the companies will expand the range of cloud services through joint developments.

“Today, Kazakhtelecom maintains a network of 27 data centers in large cities and regional centers of the republic, which house about 1,600 racks. High power, a serious degree of protection and an increased level of fault tolerance of our data centers allow clients to economically and quickly deploy their digital projects on Kazakhtelecom’s virtual facilities. We have all the necessary infrastructure, and our cooperation with the leading specialized company “Smart Cities” is another excellent opportunity to supplement the product portfolio of Kazakhtelecom’s cloud and digital projects with popular cloud services. Thus, in the near future we plan to launch joint cloud products for IT developers: Kubernetes as a Service and an analytics service - Database as a Service, and by 2025 our joint range of services will increase at least three times,” noted the general Director of the Information Technology Division of Kazakhtelecom JSC Marat Abdildabekov.

Let us remind you that today three main data centers of Kazakhtelecom are already involved in the development of virtual and cloud services. This is a data center in Pavlodar , which is certified according to the international Tier3 standard, a data center in Akkola and a modular data center in Almaty . Due to the growing demand in Kazakhstan for virtual computing resources, in the near future the telecom operator plans to increase the capacity of its data centers to provide cloud services. Thus, Kazakhtelecom plans to use about 50% of the future data center resources for cloud development.

“We are pleased to offer a wide range of cloud solutions developed in a strategic partnership with Kazakhtelecom based on our Aitu.Cloud platform. Why is this important for business? The faster a company adapts its digital services to the market, the more new and loyal customers it will have. With the help of cloud tools, the time for developing or launching new services/applications, as well as their scaling, is reduced significantly. This also allows you to save on infrastructure administration and reduce the company’s need for highly specialized specialists, because the provider will maintain the infrastructure. In addition, cloud services are charged only for those resources and for the time for which the company needed them, in contrast to traditional IT infrastructure. At the same time, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the data will be securely stored on the territory of the republic. Our solutions will help significantly reduce the cost and time of bringing new products or projects to the market, giving a competitive advantage to domestic businesses,” said Mikhail Minkin, Deputy General Director of Smart Cities LLP.

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