Yandex Kazakhstan presented geotechnologies for business

 Yandex Kazakhstan has launched a line of mapping, geolocation and navigation products for business under the Yandex Maps API brand. They will be relevant for online stores, retail chains, courier services, logistics companies, banks, manufacturing companies - and everyone who uses maps, plans routes and organizes cargo transportation.

The Yandex Maps API lineup includes three main categories of solutions underlying the Yandex Maps and Yandex Navigator user services: APIs for integrating maps into websites and applications, APIs for geocoding and place search, and APIs for route calculation and navigation. 

"We create products that optimize our customers' costs and contribute to the operational efficiency of their businesses. With the help of Yandex Maps API solutions, entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan will have an opportunity to improve the quality of logistics and customer service by automating processes and reducing the burden on logisticians, managers and ordering specialists," commented Asylkhan Baimaganbetov, Yandex Maps API Development Director in Kazakhstan. 

The first category of Yandex Maps API solutions includes software libraries for placing interactive maps on the website - JS API 3.0 - and in the application - MapKit SDK. Companies use them to show the location of their stores and delivery points, designate service areas, and as a base for building courier routes.

The second product category is Geocoder, Geosadgest and Search by Organization. Geocoder translates coordinates into addresses and vice versa. It is used by logisticians, for example, to calculate the cost of delivery to different districts or to show the customer on the map his location and the address where the delivery is ordered. Search by organizations helps to find the necessary object by name, address and other parameters, and Geosadgest - to enter addresses quickly and without errors with the help of tooltips. 

The third category consists of products related to navigation and routing.
Distance Matrix calculates the length and duration of routes between different combinations of origin and destination points. Getting Route Details builds a route between points for cars, public transportation, and pedestrians. Both products take into account traffic jams, weather forecast for a given time, transfers, stairs, and other details. Locator, on the other hand, determines the location of devices without GPS - via Wi-Fi, IP and cell towers, allowing you not to lose them even in tunnels or parking lots. In turn, NaviKit SDK is a set of tools for developing your own navigator on iOS or Android. With NaviKit SDK, you can customize standard driver scenarios to meet your business objectives. For example, take into account the size and tonnage of vehicles, set rules for safe transportation of goods by limiting speed, and set specific routes. 

The tariffs for Yandex Maps API are presented in tenge and are formed based on the number of requests per day. Licenses can be paid monthly or for a year in advance at a more favorable price. And if certain conditions are met, you can use the API for free. For more information, please visit the Yandex Maps API website, which, like all of the service's products, is available in Kazakh.

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