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Marvel Kazakhstan launched its own Competence Center

The Center can implement pilot projects and test the viability of new ideas in practice.
The wide-profile IT distributor Marvel Kazakhstan announced the opening of a multifunctional Competence Center for vendors, partners and customers. It is located next to the company's central office in Almaty. Users are provided with a Solutions Laboratory, which includes the most advanced infrastructure solutions with a variety of software, as well as workstations for testing and training.

The Center's activities are focused around three main areas. The first is a demonstration of technical solutions and validation of concepts, which are technologically based on the products of the world's leading IT manufacturers available in the Marvel Kazakhstan distribution portfolio. The Center can implement pilot projects and test the viability of new ideas in practice. This will help reduce potential risks when introducing innovative developments.

The second direction is conducting training events for partners and customers. The Center will host face-to-face seminars and online webinars. Marvel Kazakhstan experts will share their experience and knowledge and introduce listeners to new technologies and sales techniques.

The final area is related to service support. The Center’s specialists will provide comprehensive assistance on the functioning of the IT infrastructure - from opening administrative cases to emulating incidents and conducting research in their own laboratory. Thanks to this, partners and customers will be able to quickly resolve any problems that arise.

“We are proud to present a project that opens up new horizons for our partners and customers,” said Alexander Chvilev, head of the Marvel Kazakhstan Competence Center. — Our goal is not only to show advanced technologies, but also to create conditions for continuous learning, provide technical support, and form the basis for mutual development and success. For our partners, the basic services of the Center are provided free of charge.”

Address of the Marvel Kazakhstan Central Committee: 2/2, st. Khodzhanova, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

On June 6, 2024, the professional IT community Global CIO held an annual meeting with IT leaders from Uzbekistan. The event named “CIO of Uzbekistan as part of Global IT community” took place at the International Hotel in Tashkent. The meeting was aimed to exchange best practices, experiences and get together IT leaders from Central Asia.

The Global CIO professional IT community has conducted its annual survey of IT executives and would like to thank all the community members who helped realise this work. This survey explores the key challenges that CIOs face from their companies, as well as the CIO's personal view of their areas of responsibility. The survey included 100 respondents heading IT departments in companies.

The events of the past two years have shown how important it is not only to have a long-term strategy, but also to be able to quickly 'reformat' it to new circumstances. The metaphor of the whale and the Strategy methodology were created specifically for this process.

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