AXELOT and Asia Retail CJSC in Kyrgyzstan implemented a project to implement AXELOT TMS


The implementation of AXELOT TMS allowed Asia Retail CJSC to combine transportation and transport fleet management in one system. Thanks to the simultaneous launch of TMS and WMS, the company received a wide range of tools to improve the efficiency of route planning processes, control the execution of requests and reduce time and financial costs.

Using the wide functionality and parametric capabilities of AXELOT TMS, the AXELOT project team adapted the solution to the specific business processes of the hypermarket chain in terms of managing transportation and its own transport fleet.

Accounting for all transportation needs has been set up, the lion's share of which is the movement of goods between warehouses and stores. The system also plans interregional transportation, movements from warehouse to production and from production to retail outlets. It is possible to upload transportation requests subject to various restrictions. Optimization when planning flights is carried out according to the criteria of delivery time and transportation costs. Also, when planning routes, delivery time windows and temperature conditions of products are taken into account.

Waybills are used to keep records of your own fleet. They are printed on the basis of created Order documents for vehicles that carry out transportation and are listed on the balance sheet of the enterprise. The Order document records planned and actual fuel costs, as well as mileage. The AXELOT mobile application helps drivers monitor the completion of their trips.

The implementation of AXELOT TMS made it possible to optimize logistics operations and obtain positive changes in the company’s work almost immediately after launch. Route planning processes are fully automated, time and financial costs are reduced, routes are optimized taking into account the specifics of the region. The implementation of AXELOT TMS became the starting point for the network of Asia Retail CJSC on the path of further development, scaling and expanding the geographical coverage of the market.

Artificial intelligence technologies have been developing for decades, but only in the last few years have neural networks "smartened up" to a level that allows them to be used as assistants or even to replace human labor.

The winners of the Project of the Year 2023 competition are IT leaders from India, Malaysia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Iraq and Brazil. 

The beginning of the year was marked by a flurry of activity by various legislators to deal with artificial intelligence. The New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, and the UAE created an AI council to accelerate the adoption of AI systems in critical sectors of the economy.

What should a business solution be, so that it is chosen by young people, but at the same time not rejected by older professionals? Maybe beauty will save the peace in the team, because everyone wants to work in an application that looks beautiful? It is true, but User Interface (UI) is good when it is based on User Experience (UX). If harmony between UI and UX is achieved, the product will be both beautiful and user-friendly.

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