Investment club show in Tashkent: new opportunities are opening up for startups in Uzbekistan

On February 1-2, the Investment Club Show event was held in Tashkent, as part of the international management forum. More than 100 participants in the venture investment market from 11 countries gathered on one platform to discuss investment prospects. The event was organized by the CIS Investors and Business Angels Club. IT Park together with more than 15 startup projects from Uzbekistan took part in this event.

On February 2, IT Park was visited by more than 30 representatives of IT companies and investors, including representatives of TMT INVESTMENTS, MTS StartUp Hub, Skolkovo.Ventures, GOOD LINE and others. As part of the meeting, a presentation was organized for investors of the opportunities created in the IT Park for the development of startups and the venture ecosystem. The guests got acquainted with the infrastructure, support programs and benefits created in the country for IT and BPO companies.

Of particular interest were the performances of promising startup projects, residents of IT Park, such as Sug'urta Bozor, Beautify, Tahrirchi, AirCaravan, PivorAd and others.

Joint plans and projects aimed at developing the venture capital market in Uzbekistan were also discussed. Detailed steps have been formulated for the regular holding of joint events and educational programs, as well as for joint venture investments for 2024.

Artificial intelligence technologies have been developing for decades, but only in the last few years have neural networks "smartened up" to a level that allows them to be used as assistants or even to replace human labor.

The winners of the Project of the Year 2023 competition are IT leaders from India, Malaysia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Iraq and Brazil. 

The beginning of the year was marked by a flurry of activity by various legislators to deal with artificial intelligence. The New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, and the UAE created an AI council to accelerate the adoption of AI systems in critical sectors of the economy.

What should a business solution be, so that it is chosen by young people, but at the same time not rejected by older professionals? Maybe beauty will save the peace in the team, because everyone wants to work in an application that looks beautiful? It is true, but User Interface (UI) is good when it is based on User Experience (UX). If harmony between UI and UX is achieved, the product will be both beautiful and user-friendly.

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