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Tajikistan's Amid chain switched its cash registers to Set Retail and improved their reliability

In 2023, the Tajik retailer Amid switched to the new Set Retail cash register software. The cash registers have become more fault-tolerant, they are no longer shut down by "chain reaction" in case of an accident. The new software was also the first step towards the introduction of automated payment via QR code at the cash registers.

 "Amid" is one of the leaders of Tajikistan's grocery retail, operating since 2005. Most of the chain's supermarkets are located in Khujand, the country's second most populous city after Dushanbe.

 Previously, the main problem of cash registers was lack of centralization and susceptibility to failure. Each store had separate commodity bases and the cash registers only accessed them. But if a cash register with a master base was disconnected and lost communication, the entire store - and some of them had 10 cash centers - stopped working. In addition, engineers had to set up each cash register in supermarkets separately.

 All these factors seriously affected the costs of the retail chain and the quality of customer service.

 That is why in 2023 the retailer decided to transfer stores to Set Retail from CSI. The vendor also made improvements related to the automation of payment by QR code and carried out integration of Set Retail 10 with the 1C ERP system.

 Now Amid cash registers work centrally, they are resistant to failures, engineers do not need to set up each node manually. And thanks to the finalization, the trade network will be able to immediately start accepting automated payments by QR code, when the processes with the banks of Tajikistan will be established.

In the future, the retail chain is considering the introduction of other CSI products: cash register equipment, a cache control system from the Set Prisma arsenal, and a module for Set Scales Centrum scales.

 Andrey Okishev, Project Manager, CSI: 

"Our team successfully fulfilled the network's requests, taking into account all legislative and business requirements. We paid attention to the unique peculiarities of Tajikistan related to payment for purchases through a single QR code. As a result of our work we managed not only to implement new cash register software, but also to improve a number of business processes of the retailer.

Together with Amid, we are ready to transform the retail industry and continue to turn the network's ambitious ideas into reality. And our products are already ready for large-scale business development and innovation".

 Afzal Isakov, IT Director at Amid:

 "After switching to Set Retail 10, the cash registers are faster and crash-free. Access to product information no longer depends on local product bases. All this helps us to serve customers better. In our nearest plans is the introduction of automation of payment by QR codes, which will become possible with the CSI modification. Together we will continue to develop and improve the cash register system of the retail chain".

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