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The implementation of the Uzbekistan Digital Inclusion project has been launched

On the eve of the launch of Uzbekistan Digital Inclusion, a joint project of the World Bank, the Ministry of Digital Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan and IT Park, a meeting of the project team was held with the participation of Deputy Minister Rustam Karimjonov, CEO of IT Park Farhod Ibragimov and a World Bank delegation led by the Director of Global Digital Development Practice Christine Zhenwei Qiang.

The goal of the Uzbekistan Digital Inclusion project is to increase the level of digitalization and create the necessary conditions for the development of the IT-es sector in our country, including through infrastructure development and updating the regulatory framework. The project consists of three main components: digital inclusion and enabling environment, development of nationwide regional infrastructure and incentives for IT services and promotion of location attractiveness. 

The next steps in implementing the project and realizing the export potential of Uzbekistan, as well as the reforms carried out in the IT sector, were discussed at the meeting. Representatives of the World Bank emphasized that large-scale work has been carried out in the republic to develop and popularize the IT sector.

In addition, members of the World Bank delegation presented the key areas of development of the Uzbekistan Digital Inclusion project, highlighting procurement aspects and the financial component, and also presented the bank’s environmental and social policies.

The project will be an important milestone in establishing Uzbekistan as a regional technology hub through investment in digitalization and regional infrastructure, modernization of the legal, regulatory and institutional framework, and the development of key skills, in particular among the most vulnerable segments of the population.

With the support of the World Bank, IT centers will be built and reconstructed, and over 200 international and local companies will be attracted to provide IT services abroad from our country.

Also, as part of the project, special attention is paid to training more than 6,000 young specialists and creating 25,000 new jobs in the technology sector for young people aged 18-30. It is expected that the representation of women in employment should reach 50% of the total number of vacancies, in addition, a quota of 4% is provided for persons with disabilities.

On June 6, 2024, the professional IT community Global CIO held an annual meeting with IT leaders from Uzbekistan. The event named “CIO of Uzbekistan as part of Global IT community” took place at the International Hotel in Tashkent. The meeting was aimed to exchange best practices, experiences and get together IT leaders from Central Asia.

The Global CIO professional IT community has conducted its annual survey of IT executives and would like to thank all the community members who helped realise this work. This survey explores the key challenges that CIOs face from their companies, as well as the CIO's personal view of their areas of responsibility. The survey included 100 respondents heading IT departments in companies.

The events of the past two years have shown how important it is not only to have a long-term strategy, but also to be able to quickly 'reformat' it to new circumstances. The metaphor of the whale and the Strategy methodology were created specifically for this process.

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