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Demo Day: Integration of the banking sector with startups

On May 31, another significant event was held in the AloqaBank building (IT Park complex) with the participation of leading commercial banks of Uzbekistan.

The meeting was held for the second time, the first took place on May 14. The main goal of such meetings is the active involvement of the banking sector in the dynamic growth of the country’s venture and startup ecosystem.

As part of the event, pitch sessions were held at which the largest banks of Uzbekistan got acquainted with promising startup projects and discussed the possibilities of their investment and integration into the banking structure. Among the startups presented were,, Link Home, Delever, and iCan.

In addition, Plug and Play made a presentation on the topic “Models of cooperation between banks and start-up projects: Growth potential.”

During the pitch session, bank executives and startup founders exchanged experiences, discussed cooperation plans and investment requests.

Startups interested in participating in future pitch sessions can register via this link: Registration Link .

Selected startup projects will be contacted by specialists for additional information.

Requirements: Startups with already developed MVP, as well as sales.

Event location: Aloqabank building (IT Park complex)

On June 6, 2024, the professional IT community Global CIO held an annual meeting with IT leaders from Uzbekistan. The event named “CIO of Uzbekistan as part of Global IT community” took place at the International Hotel in Tashkent. The meeting was aimed to exchange best practices, experiences and get together IT leaders from Central Asia.

The Global CIO professional IT community has conducted its annual survey of IT executives and would like to thank all the community members who helped realise this work. This survey explores the key challenges that CIOs face from their companies, as well as the CIO's personal view of their areas of responsibility. The survey included 100 respondents heading IT departments in companies.

The events of the past two years have shown how important it is not only to have a long-term strategy, but also to be able to quickly 'reformat' it to new circumstances. The metaphor of the whale and the Strategy methodology were created specifically for this process.

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