Information Technology Director at PROFIS Real Estate


Required work experience: more than 6 years

Full-time, full-time


Organization of effective activities of the IT Directorate:

  • ensuring the updating of the technical base and information support, the introduction of modern methods and means of information processing, equipping the company with computer equipment, office equipment, network equipment;
  • analysis of the information services market to identify and initiate best practices;
  • control of maintenance of computer equipment, office equipment, local area networks;
  • organization of preventive maintenance, troubleshooting that occurs during the operation of computer equipment;
  • organization of work on the creation of new and relocation of existing automated workplaces of employees of the company;
  • automation of the company's business processes;
  • development of strategy and tactics of the company's development in the IT sphere;
  • management of internal IT projects of the company;
  • maintenance of an automatic system for the implementation of functions for the accounting of the ownership structure, management of commercial real estate;
  • development of methods and forms of accounting;
  • development of a line of information products in order to improve the efficiency of the company;
  • organization of interaction and control of work execution by contractors (software product developers, selection of "boxed solutions", etc.);
  • management of the design of the database structure and access mechanisms to them, development of regulations for working with system data;
  • ensuring the protection of the company's information systems and data in accordance with the information security concept;
  • organization of preventive maintenance, troubleshooting that occurs during the operation of technical means.


  • higher education, specialized in the field of IT technologies. Additional education (business/Economics/Management - welcome);
  • experience as Director of IT Management in large companies (possibly by industry: real estate, B2B services), experience in similar positions - at least 5 years.
  • experience in implementing IT products in the company's commercial and financial services;
  • experience with the 1S8 system, good practical skills of working with MS Office, skills of working with presentation format programs;
  • excellent organizational skills;
  • high level of cross-functional communication;
  • business thinking, project approach, focus on achieving results.


  • registration according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • salary + annual bonus based on the results of the KPI;
  • DMS, corp mobile communication
  • office near the metro/MCC station "Kutuzovskaya"

Key skills

  • Information technology

More detailed

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