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Required work experience: 3-6 years

Full-time, full-time

Hecny Group is an international freight forwarding company located on all continents and included in the TOP-100 of the global logistics market.

Today, more than 3,000 people in the world work in 80 offices of Hecny Group. In Russia, there are more than 180 people and 8 offices. We have been offering a full range of logistics services to our customers since 1994. Thanks to a well-thought-out talent management strategy, mutual respect policy, internal corporate standards, everyone at Hecny Group can show their abilities, realize their creative and professional potential and help make our business even more efficient.

We invite you to become a worthy member of our friendly team and take the position of IT director.

What duties should be performed:

Full control over the work of the IT department in the following areas:

  • managing a team of system administrators 7/7;
  • user support;
  • IT infrastructure support: internal local area networks, Internet, hardware, telephony, etc.);
  • support for business applications.
  • Building and regulating the processes of interaction between the IT department and the divisions of the holding companies.

Our wishes for your experience:

  • experience as a system administrator for at least 5 years;
  • experience in implementing business process automation tools (ERP class);
  • experience in developing instructions, methodological and regulatory materials on the use and operation of an information system;
  • experience in effective organization of contractual work with suppliers/contractors;
  • knowledge and understanding of ways to implement corporate services (Service Desk, AD, mail, file storage, 1C servers, corporate Wi-Fi, data backup, network access control, distributed LAN, cloud services, etc.);
  • knowledge and ability to configure operating server systems (Windows Server (including Versions), CentOS, Debian);
  • knowledge of PowerShell, bash, Python. Ability to write scripts;
  • experience in IT project management.

What conditions do we offer:

  • salary without delay 2 times a month, indexing in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation (the level of remuneration is discussed with the successful candidate individually);
  • comfortable office;
  • working hours from 9.00-18.00, 5/2;
  • registration according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

More detailed

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business operations marks a transformative era, enhancing efficiency and innovation across industries. From revolutionizing HR with automated recruitment to aiding early disease detection in healthcare, AI's impact is profound. It enables predictive cybersecurity, personalized customer interactions, and accelerated software development in IT. 

Lots of news from technology vendors and modern cases on how to use data analytics for operations excellence – this is what March brought us this year.

In this issue we looked at the drivers and bright trends in retail. AI will undoubtedly be the leader among technologies for several years ahead in retail, and in the economy in general. Its emergence in wide access has opened up incredible opportunities for improving business efficiency.

“Before the automation introduction, the process was complicated by the fact that the address system was stationary, not dynamic. We could not automate serial and batch accounting of products. It was not possible to automate the warehouse replenishment processes, both planned and on order. The accounting system did not reflect all goods movements,” says Alexander Permyakov, head of the warehouse complex.

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