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OneWeb Kazakhstan opens a demonstration showroom of broadband satellite communications in the MFC

OneWeb Kazakhstan Ltd., a participant of the Astana International Financial Center, plans to demonstrate services for potential distribution partners and corporate clients in its showroom "B2B demo zone" on the territory of the AIFC Tech Hub in Nur-Sultan. The demonstration of qualitatively new features of high-speed satellite Internet OneWeb at the AIFC site will create a point of attraction for the heads of state bodies and businesses of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and will also allow visitors to identify the advantages of implementing large investment and technological projects in the jurisdiction of the AIFC.

"We are very pleased to cooperate with the AIFC, the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other local partners, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate truly innovative, transforming the ICT industry satellite communications, which OneWeb is ready to provide in Kazakhstan. As part of our global vision to connect the world to high-performance satellite communications with low signal latency, OneWeb is pleased to participate in the implementation of the 4th national project of Kazakhstan aimed at digitalization and technological breakthrough," commented OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson.

"The presentation of OneWeb technologies clearly demonstrates what opportunities, which seemed fantastic yesterday, are opening up to us. Thanks to OneWeb Kazakhstan, registered under the jurisdiction of the MFC, the problem of covering hard-to-reach regions of the country (617 settlements), strategic and industrial facilities with high-quality high-speed Internet can be solved. Such pilots are able to give a real socio-economic effect, qualitatively improve the lives of our citizens, increase the attractiveness of the country and the AIFC site, including for the creation of joint ventures and the conclusion of international transactions," said Pavel Koktyshev, CEO of the AIFC Tech Hub.

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The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business operations marks a transformative era, enhancing efficiency and innovation across industries. From revolutionizing HR with automated recruitment to aiding early disease detection in healthcare, AI's impact is profound. It enables predictive cybersecurity, personalized customer interactions, and accelerated software development in IT. 

Lots of news from technology vendors and modern cases on how to use data analytics for operations excellence – this is what March brought us this year.

In this issue we looked at the drivers and bright trends in retail. AI will undoubtedly be the leader among technologies for several years ahead in retail, and in the economy in general. Its emergence in wide access has opened up incredible opportunities for improving business efficiency.

“Before the automation introduction, the process was complicated by the fact that the address system was stationary, not dynamic. We could not automate serial and batch accounting of products. It was not possible to automate the warehouse replenishment processes, both planned and on order. The accounting system did not reflect all goods movements,” says Alexander Permyakov, head of the warehouse complex.

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