AI News in the animal world

AI News in the animal world

In the animal world praise goes for the University of Florida. A team of researchers are using artificial intelligence to collect data of an animal's body language and posture to reveal specific ailments. The program analyzes videos with animals’ behaviour and detects patterns in how certain among them, - horses or cows, for instance, - walk, trot or run. As the program learns how an animal normally moves, it can spot abnormalities and symptoms of possible deceases. When farmers of Florida have the access to the system, this will be a great value since the AI program can significantly minimize costs for treatments of animals, which are in later stages of deceases.

18 countries have unveiled the first international agreement on how to protect artificial intelligence from irresponsible players. It aims to develop AI solutions that are "inherently safe".

On November 30, the professional IT community GlobalCIO hosted a large-scaled international conference "Global CIO Insights: Digital Transformation with AI". During the event, leading experts shared their practical experience in launching projects utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and highlighted approaches that helped elevate their companies to new heights.

Voting for projects participating in the "Project of the Year" contest is open. The voting began on December 1st and will continue until January 15th inclusive. The winners will be announced on February 7th, 2024.

Online sales is one of the areas where the quality of IT tools directly affects business profitability. Kamza Nugumanov, CIO of Jusan store, tells about the experience of deploying a rapidly growing Kazakh marketplace.

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