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The future of marketing is defined by the development of AI, ethical issues and combating misinformation

In view of the growing focus on organizations' marketing practices, Gartner publishes five top predictions that marketing executives should consider in their strategies in 2023 and beyond to get the results they want and regain the trust of business leaders.
 "Amid unrelenting social and economic pressures, a future is looming for marketers where smart marketing leads to deeper and more valuable brand connections with customers, Andrew Frank, lead vice president of analytics for Gartner's marketing practice, wrote in a press release. "From combating misinformation to ensuring effective first-hand data collection, this year's predictions prioritize trends that marketers and advertisers can no longer afford to ignore," writes Frank.
 Five top predictions for marketing executives By 2027, 80% of corporate marketers will introduce a dedicated content authentication feature to combat false information and fakes. The development of generative AI and user-generated content will dramatically increase the amount and variety of information brands must track. Active reputational management is paramount, but mass tracking of inaccurate or defamatory content in real time is becoming increasingly difficult in a polarized and rapidly changing world.

The discussion begins with the assertion that every company will eventually be forced to adopt AI. AI adoption varies across industries, with some seeing it as imperative for staying competitive, while for others, it's less of an immediate need.  New technologies like MLOps, data pipelines, autonomic databases, and predictive analytics help to improve the overall governance risk.

The international IT professionals' community has announced the 'Top 100 IT Leaders' project. It is a global initiative that allows top IT managers to share their experience, expand their professional network and showcase the best digitalization practices of their companies. Here we will answer the basic questions about the project.

The editors of Global CIO discussed with Ahmet Hakan Göral, CIO at Boutique Rugs and winner of the Project of the Year 2023 contest, his current projects, the approach to digital transformation and the specifics of the role of CIO in retail.

April was full of new initiatives from vendors as well as some fascinating news on the technology front. With Olympics in Paris approaching, more  news will be flowing in from the capital of France.

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