Muse, a new Text-To-Image Generation that can produce photos of a high quality


Meanwhile Google AI released a research paper about Muse, a new Text-To-Image Generation that can produce photos of a high quality comparable to those produced by models like the DALL-E 2 and Imagen at a rate that is far faster. 

Muse uses a 900 million parameter model called a masked generative transformer to create visuals instead of pixel-space diffusion or autoregressive models. Google AI has trained a series of Muse models with varying sizes, ranging from 632 million to 3 billion parameters, finding that conditioning on a pre-trained large language model is crucial for generating photorealistic, high-quality images.

18 countries have unveiled the first international agreement on how to protect artificial intelligence from irresponsible players. It aims to develop AI solutions that are "inherently safe".

On November 30, the professional IT community GlobalCIO hosted a large-scaled international conference "Global CIO Insights: Digital Transformation with AI". During the event, leading experts shared their practical experience in launching projects utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and highlighted approaches that helped elevate their companies to new heights.

Voting for projects participating in the "Project of the Year" contest is open. The voting began on December 1st and will continue until January 15th inclusive. The winners will be announced on February 7th, 2024.

Online sales is one of the areas where the quality of IT tools directly affects business profitability. Kamza Nugumanov, CIO of Jusan store, tells about the experience of deploying a rapidly growing Kazakh marketplace.

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