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MIT and Google researchers discover how GPT-3 can learn new tasks with minimal data

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Google Research and Stanford University have published a new study which shows how large language models, like GPT-3, can learn new tasks, using a small number of examples and without attracting new training data. According to the researchers, neural network models can contain smaller and simpler linear models within them. This means that a simple training algorithm can be used in a large model that will train a linear model to solve a particular task, using only the information already contained in the large model. If the results of this study are confirmed, it will be an important step toward understanding how contextual learning works.

Similar research is being conducted by a team from the same Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the joint MIT and IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. They have developed a technique that allows the model to quantify uncertainty more efficiently with less computing power than is used in other techniques. It also does not require additional data. This technique does not involve additional retraining or model modification, and can be used in most applications. It includes a simple complementary model that helps the basic ML model calculate uncertainty.

The discussion begins with the assertion that every company will eventually be forced to adopt AI. AI adoption varies across industries, with some seeing it as imperative for staying competitive, while for others, it's less of an immediate need.  New technologies like MLOps, data pipelines, autonomic databases, and predictive analytics help to improve the overall governance risk.

The international IT professionals' community has announced the 'Top 100 IT Leaders' project. It is a global initiative that allows top IT managers to share their experience, expand their professional network and showcase the best digitalization practices of their companies. Here we will answer the basic questions about the project.

The editors of Global CIO discussed with Ahmet Hakan Göral, CIO at Boutique Rugs and winner of the Project of the Year 2023 contest, his current projects, the approach to digital transformation and the specifics of the role of CIO in retail.

April was full of new initiatives from vendors as well as some fascinating news on the technology front. With Olympics in Paris approaching, more  news will be flowing in from the capital of France.

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