Microsoft is developing a modular version of Windows with AI

According to Windows Central sources, Microsoft is planning major platform updates with the release of Windows 12 that will include artificial intelligence features. At the same time, the system itself will be modular.

The modernization of the Windows platform uses the developments for the Windows Core OS, a project called Windows 10X was phased out in 2021. However, the focus will now be on built-in compatibility for legacy Win32 applications where it makes sense. The project is codenamed CorePC and is designed as a modular and customizable version of Windows for different form factors. 

In CorePC, the separation of states will provide faster updates and security by introducing read-only partitions that are inaccessible to the user and third-party applications, as well as a faster system reset function.

According to the source, CorePC will allow Microsoft to finally release a version of Windows that will actually compete with the Chromebook. 

A version of Windows that only works with Edge, Web apps, Android apps (via Project Latte) and Office, designed for low-cost educational PCs, is already in early internal testing and is about 60-75% smaller than the Windows 11 SE.

Microsoft is also working on a CorePC version that matches the current Windows desktop feature set and capabilities, but with state separation for faster upgrades. The company is preparing a level of compatibility codenamed Neon for legacy applications and is focusing on artificial intelligence capabilities to vertically optimize hardware and software, like Apple Silicon. 

AI features under development will allow Windows to analyze displayed content and provide prompts to quickly launch projects or apps. The OS will also be able to identify objects and text in images. Some of the AI features will require special hardware.

CorePC will likely be unveiled in time for the next major version of the Windows client in 2024, codenamed Hudson Valley.

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