Apple released Safari Technology Preview 167

Apple has released Safari Technology Preview 167 for macOS Monterey 12.3 and later versions of macOS Ventura. The beta version includes major WebKit updates.

The changes included in Safari Technology Preview 167:

  • Fixed a bug with editing nested CSS rules in the Elements tab. Before that, some properties could be deleted;
  • Implemented a text-transform function with multiple values;
  • optimized Function.prototype.bind;
  • added ClassSetCharacter syntax tests for the v flag in RegExp;
  • added support for anyref to WebAssembly and implemented cast, eqref, and ref.eq;
  • reworked the focus algorithm for the HTML <dialog> tag;
  • added support for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) attribute set;
  • fixed text-to-SVG conversion.

Old users can update in macOS system settings by going to Software Update. New users can access the installation file on Apple's official WebKit site. Safari developers have begun the process of gathering feedback, fixing bugs and preparing a release build.

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