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The first Tier III data center in Kyrgyzstan will be built with the participation of DataDome

The construction of the first Tier III data center in Bishkek was announced. The technical customer is an integrator of engineering systems DataDome.

At the beginning of 2023 DataDome specialists have joined the project of building the first data center in Kyrgyzstan, which will be designed in accordance with the reliability requirements of TIER III standard of Uptime Institute. The data center will be able to accommodate 100 server racks with the total capacity of not less than 500 kW. The construction of such a data center will allow the digital technologies of Kyrgyzstan to reach a new level. The customer is DataTime, a newly established data center operator in Bishkek.

Andrei Pavlov, General Director of DataDome LLC:
"The DataDome team includes specialists who participated in the creation of most of the largest data centers in Russia. This year we decided to enter new geographical markets and take part in the construction of data centers for DataTime as a technical customer. The accumulated experience in data center design and construction will allow us to implement the project in Kyrgyzstan in accordance with all technical requirements".

Data center construction project was presented for Kyrgyz market at PLAS-Forum Digital Kyrgyzstan on March 15, 2023. DataDome and DataTime jointly acted as bronze partners of the event. The presentation of the project aroused the interest of representatives of various organizations planning to give up maintaining their own server rooms and place their computing equipment in an external data center with a higher level of reliability.

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