Tesla added a trip planner to its mobile app

Tesla has added a trip planner to its mobile app due to numerous requests from electric car owners.
Over the past year, the company has significantly improved its range-mapping functions based on wheel pressure, battery cooling and heating, and more. Such information allows drivers to know a more accurate prediction of driving range in order to build routes.

A trip planner was already introduced in Tesla electric cars, but the feature was only available on the onboard computer. Now the company has introduced the option in its mobile app version 4.20.69.
Under "Location" under their car in the app, users will be able to enter an address for the service to plan a route, including stops for charging, similar to how it works on the onboard computer.

Tesla owners have the ability to send trip information to their car. Users can change stops, including stops to recharge the battery. This will be relevant for those who plan their trip in advance and are not in the car all the time.

In March, the Tesla app began showing how much battery capacity has been lost due to the cold. If the battery starts to warm up from the charger and movement, the capacity starts to recover, the service will also inform about it.

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