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VK Cloud launches localized cloud platform in Kazakhstan

Cloud platform for digitalization of business VK Cloud is deployed in Kazakhstan in partnership with QazCloud. VK Cloud technologies and services will help large and small businesses as well as startups to develop digital projects, bring them to market faster and scale flexibly. The cloud platform is adapted for the companies of Kazakhstan and is located in the QazCloud data center in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The platform combines more than 20 pre-configured IaaS and PaaS services. With their help business can store data or deploy IT infrastructure in a few minutes, connect modern tools for development and work with big data, provide information backup and recovery.

In Kazakhstan, VK Cloud has opened a legal entity - VK Tech Kazakhstan LLP.

"Cloud services are becoming a standard for design and development of digital products, allowing to speed up bringing solutions to market and provide a competitive advantage. They solve the whole range of business tasks: from creating a flexible IT infrastructure and ensuring cybersecurity to storing and processing data and working with ML models," comments Pavel Gontarev, Managing Director of VK Tech. - The VK Cloud platform is deployed in the local data center of our partner QazCloud in Kazakhstan. It provides increased security of infrastructure for business in the republic and compliance with all necessary requirements when developing digital products in the region".
VK Cloud services are administered by cloud platform specialists. Thus, companies will be able to focus on business development, reduce expenses on hiring IT specialists and purchasing of equipment.

"QazCloud data center in Astana, built on green technologies, with a localized VK Cloud platform will help IT specialists in Kazakhstan get all the tools, all the capabilities of the latest IT solutions - on the territory of Kazakhstan without the need for cross-border data transfer," - said QazCloud CEO Kasym Yesergepov.

The VK Cloud platform is adapted to the market of Kazakhstan. Location in the local data center ensures compliance with the law "On Personal Data", as well as high speed of services. Payment for cloud services will be made in tenge, and invoices will be generated according to the Pay-as-you-go model, only for those capacities and tools that were used.

Sixty-eight IT executives from 15 countries, including Brazil, India, USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia participated in the project.

June 2024 was a very dynamic month for AI and data analytics market, marked by significant events, product launches, and industry insights.

Artem Kalivanov, CIO of Beeline Uzbekistan, discussed IT project management in terms of project definition, management models like Waterfall and Agile methodologies, and the importance of Lean in process management.

On June 4, 2024, the professional IT community Global CIO held its annual meeting with IT leaders from Kazakhstan. IT executives from leading companies in Kazakhstan were invited to the online meeting.

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