Hugging Face and ServiceNow have uploaded the StarCoder project, a GitHub analog of Copilot

The startup Hugging Face and ServiceNow have made publicly available StarCoder, an analogue of GitHub's Copilot. The programmer assistant can be used free of charge.

The project is published under the OpenRAIL-M license. It is strongly not recommended to use the AI model to generate malicious code.

The current version of StarCoder with 15 billion parameters is trained to work in more than 80 programming languages, including data, texts and documentation from open repositories on GitHub. StarCoder was trained using an open-source dataset called The Stack, which contains over 19 million carefully selected open-licensed repositories and over 6 TB of code in over 350 programming languages.

According to the developers' explanation, the StarCoder project is compatible with Visual Studio Code. The AI can answer programming questions and fulfill basic user requests. For example, it can provide the necessary data to a "generate a UI for an application" query.

Hugging Face and ServiceNow have warned developers that StarCoder can produce inaccurate, incomplete or confusing data that needs to be checked and refined. Unlike the GitHub Copilot, StarCoder has fewer features and development has just begun.

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