Foxconn to invest $500 million to build AirPods manufacturing plant in India

Apple supplier Foxconn of Taiwan will invest $500 million to build a plant in the Indian state of Telingana, said K.T. Ramo Rao, Minister of Information Technology of the territorial unit.

Foxconn's investment should lead to the creation of 25,000 jobs in the first phase of the project to produce wireless headphones Apple AirPods.

In March, Reuters already reported on Foxconn's plans to build an AirPods manufacturing facility in India. The Taiwanese company assembles about 70% of iPhones, but Foxconn has not yet produced AirPods in its factories.

Apple's supplier intends to erect a factory in Telingang in the second half of 2023 and start production in late 2024.

Apple seeks to reduce its dependence on factories in China, since last year anti-coveting measures by local authorities led to a halt in production of iPhones and other company products. In addition, the corporation seeks to avoid negative consequences from increased tensions between Beijing and Washington.

In late March, the leadership of the Indian state of Karnataka approved investment from Foxconn in the amount of more than $ 960 million. The company plans to build a plant and create 50 thousand jobs.

In mid-April, Apple reported an increase in iPhone production in India to 7%. The total amount of smartphones assembled in the country has exceeded $7 billion. At the current rate of production Apple aims to increase the share of iPhones manufactured in the country to 25% by 2025.

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