Tesla showed updates to its fleet of Optimus prototype robots

Tesla unveiled updated prototypes of its Tesla Bot or Optimus humanoid robots at a shareholder meeting.
Elon Musk demonstrated five prototypes of Tesla Optimus, which performed simple tasks in the office and at Tesla facilities, including the production of Cybertruck pickup trucks. 

The group of five walked around the Cybertruck assembly shop. This was taken as a hint that the robots will also be produced at the Texas facility. 

In the following footage, the company demonstrated the force calibration process on a ball-bearing arm. After working its "impact force" on a hard surface, the arm then broke a chicken egg in such a way that its contents did not leak out.

Tesla also showed the robot's ability to scan and memorize its surroundings, forming a digital map of the area from a cloud of points. Training the robot to manipulate objects, as it follows from the presented video, is also performed with the help of a "human understudy". The robot's actuators simply repeat the movements of a human and thereby learn the optimal manipulations for work. Tesla trains robots to move their arms along complex trajectories and handle soft or fragile objects with complex shapes.
Musk reiterated that "Optimus are woefully undervalued." He is confident that demand for robots could be as high as 10 to 20 billion units, and Optimus would account for "a large part of Tesla's long-term value."

In March, Tesla demonstrated a pair of Optimus humanoid robots, which are capable of performing complex manipulations. They were involved in the process of assembling a new humanoid robot.

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